Rah Ali Talks Bottle Throwing Brawl With Yandy

Rah Ali

After getting into it with Yandy Smith Harris, Rah Ali Talks Bottle Throwing Brawl With Yandy about the Gwinin’ Fest with Rose, DJ Self’s side piece he isn’t claiming!!!

But that is NOT all wait until you see, what happens in this clip you didn’t see on Love & Hip Hop season 6 on the flip…

We all remember this moment (above) when DJ Self crowned a winner at his Gwinin’ Fest XL, but did you see what happened in the crowd between Rah Ali and Yandy Smith?

Rah defends her actions by saying she doesn’t understand Yandy’s intentions by bringing someone she has beef with to the event. But why did she have to throw a bottle, this ain’t Chris Brown and Drake fighting over Rihanna again?

Rah has been at Yandy for a minute, remember when Rah Ali BLASTED Mendeecees over the Heartbreak! If you remember, during the season 3 reunion show Rashidah revealed that her man put a ring on it and that she was pregnant, but when she was asked about Yandy and Mendeecees Harris she dished the dirt!


Haven’t we learned?

Not only that, it appears that Rah Ali lost her artist since BBOD reunited back stage. Yeah girl, you been cut! Rah definitely doesn’t understand what’s going on so she better meet up with Lexxy because it seems like she needs some answers.

Fast forward to the upcoming episode 12, the last one of the season, as Remy and Papoose Pastor is MIA!

Remy Ma and Rah Ali are in shock that the news of the missing Pastor is being told to her while she is gretting ready to have her wedding waltz. Remy is about to kill someone and Rah is just baffled.

This girl better get on it!

Watch this snipet from the next episode of Love & Hip Hop 6 next Monday at 8/7c!