Ray J Files For Divorce; Princess Love Responds

Ray J Files For Divorce; Princess Love Responds

Ray J Files For Divorce; Princess Love Responds!

Former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple Ray J and Prince Love have filed for divorce two times, but it appears the third time will be the winner.

After Ray J was hospitalized and no one from his family or his wife Princess Love showed up to make sure he was ok, he realized its time to finalize the divorce.

We always felt Princess was a gold-digger all these years. Despite all the BS, Ray put her through, and all the drama because Ray is no angle, it’s time these two live their own lives.


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CelebnReality247.com reports that Ray J has sparked divorce rumors for the third time in less than two years after being hospitalized for non-covid pneumonia.

While recovering, Ray J has also decided to file for a divorce from his wife Princess Love. Why? Since the second attempt at divorce, Ray and Princess moved to Florida where he ended up being hospitalized.

If you recall, the LHHH couple got married in 2016 and has split and reconciled many times throughout their marriage of five years.

Their marriage was tumultuous since Ray continued to make headlines for cheating on his wife because he was “entertaining other women” and Princess grew tired of his antics. As we said, Ray is no angle, he is a very selfish individual, like his sister, and we got that tea first hand from their father. Anyways, Ray is always about Ray, he may be 40, but he acts like he’s 20…very immature.

Though, they share two children: daughter Melody (3) and son Epik (1).

According to legal documents filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ, Ray J set off a third attempt at officially splitting from Love.

Princess Love on Ray J filing Divorce:

On the flipside, Princess Love has now responded to Ray’s latest divorce filing for the third time.

Ray J has been in the hospital battling pneumonia and possibly COVID-19, but Princess says he’s “alive and well.”

In fact, Princess is barely thinking about the legal proceeding filed by Ray, she is focused on her children.

Why be married if your wife doesn’t care about you?