Ray J Hospitalized With non-COVID-related Pneumonia

Ray J Hospitalized With non-COVID-related Pneumonia

Ray J Hospitalized With non-COVID-related Pneumonia!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Ray J has been hospitalized due to a battle with non-COVID-related pneumonia.

CelebnHealth247.com and CelebnReality247.com report that Ray revealed that he’s been alone throughout most of his hospital stay in Miami, Florida.

According to reports, the “One Wish” singer was rushed to a hospital in Miami, Florida on Saturday after having trouble breathing and talking.

Ray also said that no family has come to visit him.

He said:

I been in here all by myself for a week. No family members came to see me not even my wife.

The Scoot E-bike founder added that doctors assumed he had COVID, so they placed him in the COVID wing of the hospital. Which would explain why no family came to see him. The hospital probably told them they would not be able to come in the hospital due to COVID mandates.

He told reporters:

I thought it was over. I started praying and knew God is good so I just kept praying.

After taking five COVID tests, all of which came back negative, Ray J was moved from the COVID wing of the hospital.

His manager, David Weintraub, says the star will hopefully be out by the end of the week. Ray’s wife, Princess Love has yet to speak out regarding her husband’s condition.

Brandy is reportedly gearing up for the premiere of her new FOX show Queens. She recently took to social media to celebrate her baby brother getting a large tattoo of her name marked on his arm.

She captioned the sweet photo:

This is real love. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. I love you.


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Despite promoting her new series Queens, Brandy should be checking on her brother. Personally, we think it’s foul how no family or wife Princess Love has NOT shown up to check on their loved one. This just shows what type of people they are.