Ryan Henry Speaks on Sitdown with Anthony Over Sleeping with His Ex

Ryan Henry Speaks on Sit Down with Anthony Over Sleeping with His Ex

Ryan Henry Speaks on Sitdown with Anthony Over Sleeping with His Ex!

“Black Ink Crew: Chicago” reality star Ryan Henry speaks candidly about his recent sit down with his best friend Anthony Lindsey.

Ryan Henry Speaks on Sit Down with Anthony Over Sleeping with His Ex

CelebnReality247.com previously reported that Anthony Lindsey exposed the tattoo boss for sleeping with his now ex-girlfriend Nina Marie while he battled cancer.

While Anthony Lindsey thought his boi Ryan Henry had his back, the 9Mag owner was stabbing him in the back.

During Ryan’s conversation with Anthony, the 9Mag owner admitted to crossing the line “as a friend by sleeping with his child’s mom.”

When questioned by Anthony about his reasoning, Ryan apologized, stating:

I’m f–ked for what I did to you.

Henry came in there with attitude but never thought how he broke his friend’s heart and RUINED the trust and brotherhood.

Ryan revealed why he decided to air the sensitive discussion between him and his friend, in an interview with MadameNoire.

Henry said:

So in that time, we had spoken and we were dealing with it. When it went through social media, it was by his choice. So, you know, but at that time, I didn’t owe it to people to explain from whereas he wanted to. Ryan claims people only got to see the incident “at one level.”

He added:

They only got it at a level of where they could accept it, you know, and a lot of those factors hit hard for people.

Ryan Henry Has New Perspective Following Backlash!

The reality star appears to also have taken on a new perspective following the backlash he faced in the wake of the scandal.

Ryan explained:

But taking the accountability and being able to address the things that haven’t been said or seen or you know, given truth to you know, me for me, this is easier now, as a man I’ve grown to be so we were at a point where, you know, we had talked before, but he felt over the time where he wasn’t able to heal that.

As for his relationship with Anthony, Ryan says the two “didn’t talk enough.”

The 35-year-old reality star said:

So now with me being in the better places like ‘Yo, I can sit you down and talk to you as a man.’ That gives you closure and clarity on the things that you’re not clear on because you need to be clear.

He added:

And for me to be fully clear, you know, I take my full accountability. It’s not beyond me to be man enough to tell you all of that again, what you won’t be able to do is be out there saying that I ran from it and I never thought to sit you down like a man and tell you at face value.

Anthony Lindsey had this to say in a post:


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