Ray J: LHHHollywood Album “Pushed Back Like a Bad Hairline!”

Ray J: LHHHollywood Album "Pushed Back Like a Bad Hairline!"

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Ray J announced on Monday that the upcoming Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood compilation album is on ice!

Read on to see why Ray J has officially pulled the plug…

CelebNReality247.com reports that Ray J announced that the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood compilation album was axed due to political reasons.

According to Ray J, no one could get on the same page about the compilation album.

Ray was hoping that everyone would be able to shine with their hits already out, but no one was on the same page.

The LHHHollywood star said:

#lhhhollywood the Album got pushed back like a bad hairline! #MaybeNextTime Make sure you tune in tonight for the New season of #LHHNY only on @vh1

He says:

I was hoping that everyone could shine with the singles already out, but everyone had a different idea.

New Daddy Ray J adds:

Hopefully, by next season, we will have music out, if there is a next season.

Originally, the projects were set to be executive produced by Mona Scott Young and co-executive produced by Ray J.

Now, its pushed back with no release date set. It’s sad because some of the cast is NOT coming back so they won’t get this opportunity again.

Were you looking forward to the upcoming compilation?

This is why a lot of these singers continue to go nowhere on the charts or get airplay. Yet, they complain about their music NOT getting heard. Hmm?

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