Shamari DeVoe Criticized for Open Marriage

Porsha Williams SHADES Shamari DeVoe About Open Marriage

When it comes to SHADE Porsha Williams is first in line on Real Housewives of Atlanta and newbie Shamari DeVoe.

Shamari revealed that she and Ronnie have an open marriage.

As quickly as Shamari DeVoe revealed the news she and Ronnie DeVoe have an open relationship the ladies weighed in. Read on and watch… reports that Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie Shamari DeVoe is being criticized for her lifestyle choices.

Shamari DeVoe should have known that she opened herself up to criticism.

Cynthia Bailey was the first to yell out:

Own it!

While Eva and Porsha started whispering amongst themselves about Shamari’s reveal.

Though, we think the funniest reaction was NeNe Leakes face and questions she asked.

Shamari went into even more detail while hanging with the ladies, revealing that Ronnie had no problem allowing her to experiment with women as long as there were no other men involved.

NeNe Leakes had a whole lot of questions, starting off with this one:

What if you want to get a man with a big chest and big d*ck? You can’t get that?

Her face was the best when she asked:

What is an open relationship? I don’t know what it is.

Mrs. Leakes has another question:

You mean dating other people or f–king other people?

Shamari says:

f–king other people.

NeNe replies:

I Like that, but do you tell him I’m going to have sex tonight?

Mrs. Devoe says:


The Blaque singer also revealed:

As long as I was able to go about in my bi-curious ways, then I was cool with that. I didn’t want to be with another man because I had my husband. I slept with two women, he slept with about 10.

The other housewives have some questions too!

Cynthia asked if they tell each other who they slept with. And Eva was curious if they run into the people that they’ve smashed.

Shamari responds with a vague answer while NeNe looks like she smelled something that stinks:

Yeah, it’s like, but it’s ok…

Kandi Burrus straight up says “I’m NOT for open relationships. No, I’m NOT that open-minded.”

Of course, Porsha Williams had something to say, but just like Eva to Cynthia, the SHADE is REAL.

Porsha weighs in on her fashion sense saying:

She’s open o different things like open relationships, but she’s closed minded when it comes to stylists and things like that.

Oh Porsha, girl, words can’t describe how you sound like a bitter old gay man.

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