RHONY Reunion Cancelled Due To ‘Racial Drama w/ Eboni’

RHONY Reunion Cancelled Due To 'Racial Drama w/ Eboni'

RHONY Reunion Cancelled Due To ‘Racial Drama w/ Eboni’!

The Real Housewives of New York’s reunion has been officially canceled!!! Get more tea spill why the RHONY Reunion Cancelled…

CelebnReality247.com has learned via sources, the newest cast member Eboni Williams has all but destroyed the flagship show.

According to sources, its been revealed that multiple people close to production confirmed that word came down that the Reunion for the current season is canceled.

In addition to the cancelation, the next season of the Real Housewives of New York is in jeopardy.

An insider revealed to us:

Eboni basically destroyed the season. All she did was complain about racism and try and paint the other cast members as a bunch of racists.

Then, production was forced to cancel the reunion show – when they learned Eboni planned on bringing more “racial drama” to the show.

Damn this sounds like Basketball Wives all over again.

Production was caught between a rock and a hard place – either fire Eboni, or cancel the show.

Our vote would be FIRE Eboni if she is that much of a problem.

Though, producers also revealed:

It’s not fun to call the women racists. That’s not drama, or scandal – it’s ugly.

The tipster continued:

We’d fire Eboni if we could, but then we’d get sued. So they canceled the show instead.

Another producer explained:

Lawyers are now looking into how we can fire Eboni from next season without getting sued. We may have to cancel next season also.