Ronnie Margo Explains Why He Was MIA from VMAS

Ronnie Margo Explains Why He Was MIA from VMAS

You may have noticed that Ronnie Margo has been dealing with a psycho for a girlfriend, and now the truth is playing out on Jersey Shore Family Vacation 2.

Ronnie Magro and sometime-girlfriend/baby mama Jen Harley relationship is publicly volatile.

In Fact, you may have noticed that Ronnie was MIA during the recent VMAs. Well, he has a good reason. Find out why Ronnie Magro NEEDS some quality time with his baby girl…

Ronnie Margo Explains Why He Was MIA from has this update from Ronnie Magro, who took to social media to explain why he wasn’t at the VMAs.

Ronnie explains:

Everyone keeps asking where I’ve been, Why wasn’t I at the #VMAs or other #JSFV events with my lovely castmates. I’ve chosen to take some time off to be a father to my beautiful daughter. I’ve got to experience everything in my life thankfully because of #JS & #MyFans. There’s nothing that can replace the feeling of being a father.

Margo goes on to thank everyone for all the “love & support” and assures fans that he has “not quit #jS!”

Ronnie Margo concludes:

Thank you for all the love & support and no I have not quit #jS. I am just choosing to take time so I can watch my daughter grow and be apart of a life not just in her life and be an amazing father. I will rather be there for her in person than have to watch her grow through Text messages & IG posts. I can give her everything in the world but if I can’t give her a relationship or a bond that all of this is for nothing at the end of the day.

This is NOT the first time that Ronnie has been dealing with his sometime girlfriend baby mama Jen Harley. Earlier this year, he found out she was cheating on him. They got into a HUGE fight, which you can watch here…

We are happy that Ronnie has such a great group of friends like Jenni, Pauly, Vinny, Mike and Nicole to keep him in check.

That is what friendship is all about.

Here are a few clips from this weeks #JSFV:

Pauly gives Ronnie some advice on what to do about Jen.

Jenni explains that she is a psycho and he needs to get a lawyer and stand up as a father:

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