Lyrica Anderson Pregnant + A1 Bentley Proud to Be a Daddy

Lyrica Anderson Pregnant + A1 Bentley Proud to Be a Daddy

This week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley finally sit down like adults to discuss the Safaree hook up.

Lyrica swears to A1 that she never slept with him, which will be interesting to see when Safaree comes clean about smashing his homies wife.

Despite the drama between A1 and Safaree, Lyrica Anderson finally realized that she was having major mood swings. One thing led to another and Lyrica found out she was carrying A1’s seed. Read on for more tea…

With the news of her pregnancy, Lyrica Anderson told her husband A1, who was more than happy to be a daddy soon.

The only problem is that Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley thought telling their families would be easy, but it is NOT. See, Floyd’s brother and mom were happy to hear that he was going to divorce his songstress. They blame her for him becoming Hollywood.

What his mom and brother NEED to understand is that everyone becomes Hollywood to an extent when in the industry. What makes a person NOT Hollywood, is to NOT bring it home to family and close friends. That is A1 has failed.

Anyways, the drama with these two has been at 1000 all season and its nowhere near over, especially now that Lyrica is preggers and they are NOT divorcing. lyrica and A1 are the Rasheed and Kirk of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. #LOL

Lyrica and A1 are nervous but excited to be responsible for an entire human being.

A1 admits:

This is something I always wanted.

Meanwhile, mommy to be Anderson revealed:

I never “imagined being a mom” but she is thankful to have her husband by her side.

Watch these two talk about being mommy and daddy soon:

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