RuPauls Drag Race 8: Snatch Game Takes Out Betty

RuPauls Drag Race 8

Did you see RuPauls Drag Race 8 when Acid Betty learned that a bitter Betty makes for a bad Snatch, Snatch Game that is!!!

See what went down on RuPauls Drag Race 8 and how Acid Betty crashed and burned on the flip….

RuPauls Drag Race 8

Tonight the queens impersonate celebrities in a quick-witted TV game show, Snatch Game, a Drag Race tradition, but things start off rocky between BOB and Derek Berry.

BOB and Derek Berry face off in a back and forth rip session, ending with BOB checking the Britney Spears impersonator. Bob calls Derrick out for her constant bitchy digs, and sure enough Derrick can’t help herself and does it again.

One thing we all know is BOB is the becoming the front-runner of the competition and the other queens are starting to recognize it.

Tonight on the eight Snatch Game, the queens must bring their best impersonations. BOB (Uza Aduba and Carol Channing), Derek Berry (Britney Spears), Chi Chi (Eartha Kitt), Kimchi (Kim Jong Un) and Thorgy Thor (Michael Jackson) are the standouts of this game show episode.

We have to note, thank goodness that Derrick was encouraged by Ru to do Britney—although her professional impersonation falls flat when compared to Tatianna’s winning (and even more uncanny) turn from season two. Though, this year’s episode is a bit of a letdown compared to seasons past. Bob manages to save the day by doing both Uzo and Carol Channing, a Snatch Game first.

RuPauls Drag Race 8

This years cringe-worthy and absolutely horrible Snatch Game moments come from Robbie Turner (with a terrible impression of Diana Vreeland), Acid Betty (Nancy Grace), and Naomi (Tiffany Pollard aka New York) fall flat and completely forgettable as they get into character while supermodel guest judges Gigi Hadid and Chanel Iman participate in Snatch Game. And for the second half of the competition the queens have to hit the runway in iconic Madonna looks.

Adding to the flatness of this episode, no-one tried to put any effort into the Madonna theme runway. Four of the queens come out as Kymono Madonna, but the only ones that are successful are Thorgy Thor and Kimchi.


Thankfully we saw some creativity from Robbie Turner who came out as Madonna’s A League of Their Own women’s baseball outfit. Acid Betty, who put together a major production of pregnant Madonna with doves flying out of her belly and Bob the Drag Queen Madonna 2013 red carpet look as a Girl Scott.

Yes we’ve become BOB fans!

Though Acid Betty unquestionably had one of the best looks this week—by far—her utterly unfunny Nancy Grace impression still landed her in the bottom two alongside Naomi.

Though Naomi has been a bit underwhelming this year—and seems to have little more to offer—the lip sync isn’t very close at all. She mops the floor with Acid Betty and forces RuPaul to send the NYC queen home. It was probably the second to worst lip sync for season 8 of RuPauls Drag Race.

We hope the queens really step it up next week, because this week had more lows than highs.

Yes the stand out of this years Drag Race is Bob the Drag Queen, right now we feel BOB can take the crown!

RuPauls Drag Race 8

In fact, we think the top four will be, Bob the Drag Queen, Thorgy Thor, Derek Berry and Chi Chi.

Sorry to see Acid Betty go, but like we said a bitter Betty makes for a bad Snatch, Game!

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