Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5: Lesbians and Love Triangles Oh My

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 franchise kicked off tonight with season 5 and a new story line to have you saying what, no way and OMG, Really?

See what we learned from the first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 5 on the flip…

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

The first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 kicks off with a tribute to fallen Atlanta-based rapper Dolla who was fatally shot in the valet waiting area of the Beverly Center mall back in 2009.

Of course the case show up to recap where everyone is at when we watch Rashidah, Karlie, Dime and Tammy Rivera (Waka’s wife).

The first few minutes of the show is catch up with the ladies, Karlie hhas gone bi coastal with her businesses and Rashidah new Pressed Boutique is doing well in the mall. She is using Kirk’s pad in Buckhead as her spot now.

As for Dime, she is still looking for a manager, and to get her music recorded. Basically she is still in the same spot as where we left off last season.

Tonight on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 we also learn that Yung Joc is single and is no longer with any of his baby mama’s or Khadiyah. He has his own place now and he is good.

Scrappy is also single this season, No more baby mama drama with Erica Dixon, who is no longer on the show or Bambi, since they both had different dreams.

Get this, Scrappy and Joc are roommates in their new bachelor pad and Joc is already eyeing Scrappy’s assistant.

Watch During the bachelor pad party, Scrappy and Yung Joc discuss Momma Dee’s recent arrest:

The big reveal on this episode is that Mimi Faust is now gay for Chris Ghould her new lesbian lover. The two ladies apparently met up during the break and Mimi has kept it on the low until the premiere episode of LHHATL. (of course)

Watch Mimi talks to Ariane about visiting Stevie J and Joseline in LA before gushing about her relationship with Chris:

The other big change on this season is Karen King and her sons, the auntie to fallen rapper Dolla, who was murdered outside of the Beverly Center mall in LA back in 2009.

This is where the new blood introduces the much needed love triangle that keeps this franchise alive. This time around we are introduced to Scrapp DeLeon along with the mother of his child, Tiara, and girlfriend, Tommie.

In this episode, we see that Tommie has already teamed up with the messy Karlie Redd to get the tea on Scrapp DeLeon’s baby mama, Tiara. KK tells Tommie where to find the baby mama and to get the dirt so she can find out if Scrapp is creepin behind her back. DeLeon’s debut was more about his personal life than his professional one.

This season it appears that there is no love anymore in the A, since Scrappy and Joc are rewarded for their blatant misogyny. And somehow Scrappy has his own modeling agency? Huh? When did that happen?

Once again Momma Dee finds away to get herself in the mix, fighting Rashidah Frost inside her Pressed Boutique. It was a little set up.

It is apparent that this theme of men two-timing women is a formula that not only works for “Love & Hip Hop,” but is now required.

The situation has been so recycled that it has become a staple throughout the franchise in “Hollywood” and “New York” as well.


No Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez, or K Michelle this episode.