Black Ink Crew 4: Dutchess Pregnant and Ceasar Arrested

Black Ink Crew Season 4

Black Ink Crew Season 4 kicks off with a shocking revelation, could Dutchess be pregnant while Ceasar gets arrested??

They’re both trying to build their tattoo Empires, but life road blocks stand in the way.  Find out what is going down on the season 4 premiere of Black Ink Crew…

Black Ink Crew Season 4

Ok, so lets catch up on the new season of Black Ink Crew 4. Since last season Ceasar shut down Black Ink for a month to run after Dutchess.

Ceasar Emmanuel flew to Charlotte NC, to win back Dutchess Lattimore, the woman that he loves. Now this doesn’t mean that she is heading back to Harlem, instead she is staying in NC to open her tattoo parlor.

Meanwhile, Cease has reopened Black Ink Crew and has rounded up the crew to announce that he is focused on building something great.

Ceasar has put Teddy, his cousin, as second in command at the shop, so in case he has to leave or handle something else, Teddy is the man, but Sky isn’t buying it. Sky feels Teddy is a couch warmer in the shop so she has to see to believe.

We also learned that Donna fiance was arrested one week after he proposed to her last season.

Back down in Charlotte Dutchess is learning real quick that her new shop is costing a grip, $30k to be exact. Dutchess realizes that she needs to go back to Black Ink in Harlem to raise the funds to get her shop done.

Across town, O’Sh-t is dealing with Kathy during a sit only to find out that she wants to file for child support. O is upset because he is a felon and on probation, if he misses a payment, he will have to live out his sentence behind bars for five years.

Over at the Ink, Donna has booked herself a new client, so a hesitant Teddy gives her a bone, but he finds out no more favors! See, Donna books a client but doesn’t have her equipment? WTF?

She has to head over to the BK, but while she’s on her quest, her client shows up. Teddy calls Donna, only to find out that Donna client was sitting around for three hours, so he sent the client home. Teddy feels it’s a bad look for Black Ink.

Donna didn’t take it serious because she was NOT prepared. Instead she is crying to Sky, but NEEDS to realize that she NEEDS to get her mind right and get her A-game on point.

Later we catch up with Ceasar and Dutchess who are sitting in the apartment as she takes a pregnancy test after getting sick during dinner the other night. Dutchess is making the conscious choice that if she is pregnant she is keeping the baby. Cease questions her decisions if she decides to keep the baby without Cease’s input.

After Cease is sweating it out, Dutchess pops her head out of the bathroom to reveal that she is NOT pregnant! Phew!

But things get heated in Black Ink when cops arrive in the shop to arrest Ceaser Emanuel learns that there is a warrant for his arrest over child support Payment. We previously reported on this back in November. Cease feels that there is a misunderstanding since he pays his child support.  What sucks is Ceasar had just got done explaining to O, that he can’t have Kathy cannot put him on Child support or he will be put back in jail.

Watch the first 5 minutes of Black Ink Crew below: