Ryan Henry FURIOUS Some Said ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Should Be Canceled

Ryan Henry FURIOUS Some Said ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Should Be Canceled

Ryan Henry FURIOUS Some Said ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Should Be Canceled!

Black Ink Crew Chicago” returns in August. However, before the midseason finale aired, fans already had a lot to say about the drama that took place between the cast members. Get more on Ryan Henry Black Ink Chicago…

CelebnReality247.com reports that fans are getting tired of Black Ink Chicago because the series is becoming a cliché.

The drama between Charmaine and Miss Kitty at 2nd City Ink was ridiculous. it showed that Charmaine is a horrible boss, and has plenty of trust issues when Miss Kitty was helping her. The tension turned into a blowup – Charmaine announced she was leaving the show on social media. The last straw was Draya accusing her of colorism. Then Miss Kitty’s friendship with Ryan is being tested, which has left a bad taste in fans mouths.

To add to the drama many fans feel like “Black Ink Crew Chicago” has run its course. Which has pissed off Ryan Henry.

Recently, VH1 released a trailer for the midseason premiere of “Black Ink Crew Chicago.” Charmaine decided to leave the show after filming the first half of Season 7. She felt like the show had become too toxic.

Unlike Black Ink Crew, the 9Mag crew have moved on with their lives.

VH1 released a trailer for the remaining episodes of Season 7. In the video, Ryan is still focused on expanding 9Mag. However, he may have to do so without Phor and Don. Phor wants to focus more on his music career. And Don has started his journey as a professional athlete. Although the brothers are both close to Ryan, they realize it’s time for them to focus on their own dreams.


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One Instagram user wrote:

They haven’t retired this show yet? I’m sure this will be the last season. There’s not much left to do and it hasn’t been the same since the old crew left.

In response to this, Ryan Henry wrote:

We grown. Don’t know what you need to be entertained these days. Many shows out here tho.

He wrote:

The fact that ppl expect the same from successful ppl in their mid 30s, what our hard work led us to in our mid 20s to entertain y’all, is exactly why we move on to live life. Not stick around to tap dance our growing families’ lives to “entertain” y’all forever to give the “same” as it was lol. We played out and boring at home. Next show ?.

Do you agree that ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Should Be Canceled?