Charmaine Gives Update After QUITING ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’

Charmaine Gives Update After QUITING ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’

Charmaine Gives Update After QUITING ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’

Former reality TV personality Charmaine Bey didn’t think she’d have to walk away from “Black Ink Crew Chicago.”

Well, NEVER say NEVER because Charmaine did exactly that a month ago announcing that she has QUIT Black Ink Crew Chicago!!! previously reported that Charmaine quit Black Ink Crew Chicago because she was tired of dealing with phony people and fake storylines.

For years Charmaine has put up with the BS, and has been one of the major entities stirring the pot when it comes to Ryan Henry. Let’s not forget that first episode when she hooked up with Don in the bathroom of 9Mag.

Those days are way way over, but since Charmaine was forced to become her own boss, she was highly criticized by the way she treated her employees that were trying to help.

She was seen fighting with Kitty and Draya on social media back in November 2021 when all the drama was happening on the show. In a green screen interview, Draya got emotional and said what Charmaine said to her was colorist. And she believed black women need to be protected. For Charmaine, she was shocked to see Draya’s interview.

Charmaine fired back on social media:

Charmaine clashed with Miss Kitty over 2nd City Ink and responded to Kitty:

And now after some time of reflection and lots of criticism on how she treats her staff, Charmaine announced that she was QUITTING the show.

She said at the time:

I quit the tv show blackinkcrew, I’m no longer working with “TV tattoo artist”, unfollowed any phony person I use to deal with from the show, hired all dope tattoo artist who represent Chicago, and my haters will still say my shop isn’t legit.

Since leaving the show, Charmaine has been focused on her radio job. Plus, she and Neek have a successful business (Bey Moss) that has already made over a million dollars in revenue.

As for 2nd City Ink? She reopened the tattoo business without any TV Tattoo artist:

Charmaine has also cleared out 2nd City Ink of all television personalities and she’s been happy with the artists representing her brand.

Interestingly enough, Charmaine recently took to Twitter to confirm that she’s in a better place mentally and emotionally since walking away.

She tweeted:

I’m back and I’m better now that I’m not a part of the ? show. My mental health is so much better. Wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world or a bag.