Ryan Henry Ready to Take Back 9Mag Location

Ryan Henry Ready to Take Back 9Mag Location

9Mag is NOT Dead, Ryan Henry is ready to take back everything!

Black Ink Crew Chicago has been divided for all of season 4, but wait until next week when Ryan Henry learns that the lease is for sale where Loyal Ink is located.

In a plot twist, Ryan Henry gets the last laugh and everyone is in for a surprise. Read on…

Ryan Henry Ready to Take Back 9Mag LocationRyan Henry has been staying focused, growing his business and putting his family first, his friendship with Phor remains tighter than ever. These two are true homies.

CelebNReality247.com wanted to catch up with Ryan Henry, so here is what he has said via Instagram during the filming of Black Ink Crew Chicago to understand where he is at.

Here is what he recently said:

To be aware is to be alive… Cats wanted your spot before u knew it… Survive?

And for the record, this is how he is feeling:

I gotta stay in my ZoneSay that we been beefing Dog but you on Your Own… #9MAG #iDontWantNoSmokeWithNobody #LeaveMeAloneImPussy

All season the OG 9Mag crew has been saying “F**K Ryan” but two wrongs don’t make it right.

Ryan messed up with Kat. He then had to face the consequence of losing his family and the mother of his child. He chose his family and to be honest his friends should have understood.

Kat put herself in that situation and allowed it to happen. They were both wrong, but she is out in LA and doing great with her own spot.

As for Ryan, he had this to say while off camera during the filming of season 4:

Do what you need to, to safeguard your sanity, well-being, happiness, stability, focus, determination, priorities, drive, purpose… Reset you as many times as needed. Fuck who don’t like it ????

He adds:

HAVE FUN, be HAPPY! The support is prayed for and thanked for a day in day out. Thank you’all… rock solid #9MAG

At the end of the day, Ryan is a King of his empire, 9Mag.

We leave you with these words:

King sittin anywhere makes anything a throne…Really was tryna figure out what dude was reaching for in his bag so aggressively ???????

It appears that Loyal Ink Chicago may be no more since we searched for its address and it says that 9Mag is back in that spot. 9Mag has taken over Loyal Ink and moved back into 2150 S Canalport Ave, Chicago, IL 60608.

Ryan and Phor have stayed true to each other despite Van, Charmaine, Danielle, and Cobra’s feelings about his leaving.

Their brotherhood is “rock solid” if you ask Henry:

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