Charmaine Learns Her Friendship with Ryan Henry is DEAD

Charmaine Learns Her Friendship with Ryan Henry is DEAD

All season Charmaine has been talking smack about Ryan Henry instead of going to him to talk it out.

Instead, Charmaine took the petty road like always and RUINED any chance of repairing her relationship with her “big brother” Ryan.

Ryan Henry just felt he had to leave 9Mag after last season with the Kat Tat drama if he was going to save his relationship, his health, and his sanity. Does everyone forget that Ryan had a mild heart attack last year from all the stress at 9Mag?

Read on to see why this is the end for Charmaine Walker and Ryan Henry

Charmaine Learns Her Friendship with Ryan Henry is reports that Charmaine and Ryan Henry had a bond that they thought was unbreakable.

It was all good until Charmaine threw Ryan Henry under the bus in a Chicago Tribune interview.

Like Ryan Henry said, Charmaine Walker’s apology came too late. Her mom tried to tell her to make amends, but after watching the series for this many years we all know she does what she wants and NEVER listens. That’s a problem!

In an article titled ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ features gun incident on premiere by the Chicago Tribune, Charmaine Walker weighed in on the gun violence and not trying to be stereotyped on the series.

Charmaine Walker told the Tribune:

I know that Chicago is known for a lot of violence and … just pulling each other down and not really lifting each other up. But on the other end, it’s crazy because Chicago supports the show so much. Even though we do turn up a lot on the show, whether it’s fighting that might happen or people are going through gun charges and gun violence and stuff like that, even though that’s a grimier part of it, on the other end, we do do a lot of positive things and we try to not be the stereotype that people put one, reality shows in, and two, Chicago in. We totally want to show Chicago in the best light that we can show it.

In addition to Walker, executive producer Dan Cesareo said the show’s cameras were not rolling at the time of the incident, and production was shut down for more than a week afterward.

We used this opportunity to reassess safety and security of the team and the community around us. We put significant additional measures in place to keep our cast and our crew and the community around us safe and be a good member of the loft community. I think it’s something that both Big Fish (Entertainment), as a production company, and the network worked very closely together and put a lot of thought and time into how we were moving forward with the show.

Watch as Loyal Ink reacts to an article about Ryan’s alleged vandalism of the building and Charmaine explains why she spoke to the press:

After learning about the Chicago Tribune article and the warrant for Ryan’s arrest, he was furious with Charmaine for throwing him under the bus. We understand that she was unaware the article would come out like it did, but be selective of your interviews.

Things get worse. While Ryan tattoos actor Kris Lofton at his pop-up shop in L.A. he responds to statements in an article about his alleged involvement in vandalizing 9MAG’s former building.

After the melee in Jamaica, Ryan attempted to make amends with his former 9Mag crew, but Charmaine was on the defensive and things never got resolved.

Charmaine’s attempt to hash out her beef with Ryan only dredges up painful memories and widens the divide between him and the rest of Loyal Ink. The one thing Charmaine is correct about Ryan is that he chooses his family over his relationship with his 9Mag crew.

Take a look how things went down on episode 11:

On Wednesday night’s Black Ink Crew Chicago

Shortly after the episode aired Charmaine reflected on her friendship with Ryan. The photos are way before they started filming Black Ink Chicago, she and Ryan were like brother and sister.

She captions the photos saying:

Circa: wayyyyy before TV. We weren’t always bad people #blackinkchi

Charmaine Learns Her Friendship with Ryan Henry is DEAD


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