Van, Charmaine + Danielle Happy Lily Barrios is GONE!

Van, Charmaine + Danielle Happy Lily Barrios is GONE!

This season of Black Ink Crew Chicago Lily has been the problem all season.

At first, we were on Lily’s side when Charmaine crossed the line acting like she was the manager of Loyal Ink. As the season pressed on Lily proved to be out of control. Her anger issues are too much and Lily really NEEDS to stay off the liquor because she just wants to fight.

Read on and see why Van Johnson, Charmaine Johnise + Danielle Jamison are happy Lily Barrios is GONE!!! is going to take you through Lily’s journey leading up to her explosive end on Black Ink Crew Chicago.

The whole season has been a cluster f**k since Ryan Henry just picked up his shit and left his 9Mag spot, but before leaving he vandalized the place.

Lily Barrios felt betrayed by Ryan Henry, which was the beginning of her anger. She took out her issues with everyone her came t her wrong, but NEVER owned up to being the problem most the time.

Besides her issues with Ryan leaving her behind to open a new shop, Lily had a bad breakup with Junior, but she was the one who cheated on him. What we have noticed is that Lily tends to push anyone who cares about her away. The Loyal Ink crew has her back, but she is so blinded by her anger she can’t see clearly.

Ryan Henry explains to Lily that he had to leave because 9Mag became toxic after the Kat Tat situation. Lily didn’t understand why or what his reasoning was, but her disrespect became EPIC all season.

Lily has had a chip on her shoulder since the season started, and it’s sad she can’t own her sh*t!

Here is the moment Lily attacks Junior for no reason.

She gets mad because Junior makes a joke about Loyal Ink. He is happy an with his girlfriend, but her jealousy takes over and she causes a huge fight. This is the same fight where Reece lied about Junior hitting her. He never touched her.


Lily and Jenn can’t stop arguing as Van tries to persuade Lily to return to the shop.

To try and sabotage Van Johnson’s relationship Lily Barrios makes up lies about Jen’s man trying to sleep with her. The girl is a straight up instigator.

Watch as Reese and Lily confront Don and the rest of the Loyal Ink crew about where things stand with Junior.

Once again Lily starts stirring up the drama with Charmaine, Don, and Van:

Lilly takes her disloyalty against her Loyal Ink family to another level because Don is still friends with Junior.  She looks like a fool because, in reality, Lily Barrios is still in love with Junior and mad because she messed things up. Junior has MOVED ON because Lilly is toxic.

Charmaine questions whether it’s worth all the effort to try and keep her at Loyal Ink or not? This was the exact moment that the Loyal fam wanted her GONE!

Last week: After the retreat, Lily and Reece left early to get their things out of Loyal Ink.

After the falling out at camp, Lily and Reese pack up their gear and leave Loyal Ink for good.  They’re done and so they grab their stuff leave their keys and a note for Van, Charmaine + Danielle:

On Wednesday night’s episode 14 of Black Ink Chicago – Van, Charmaine + Danielle was chilling when they discovered a note left by Lilly.

The trio read their part of the note since Lily Barrios had nothing good to say about any of them.

The girl has issues:

After leaving Loyal Ink, Lily Barrios has now gone back to Ryan Henry to work for 9mag.

On Wednesday, Black Ink Crew Chicago episode 14 Lily meets with Ryan to apologize and ask for him to give her a second chance with 9Mag. The two squashed their beef and he invites her to his BBQ party for with his new crew.

Despite everything, Lily Barrios motto stands as this:

Live free and f**k what anybody gotta say!

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