BBWs Creator Shaunie O’Neal RIPS Ayesha Curry

BBWs Creator Shaunie O’Neal RIPS Ayesha Curry

When it comes to Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry Basketball Wives creator Shaunie O’Neal is stirring the pot! BBWs kicks off this weekend so what better time for Shaunie O’Neal to RIP Ayesha Curry!!!

Flip and find out what Shaunie O’Neal is saying about Ayesha Curry…

BBWs Creator Shaunie O’Neal RIPS Ayesha Curry has this report after Shaunie O’Neal told The Preachers, “I’ve lost all respect, sorry, this is absolutely rigged for money…Or ratings, I’m not sure which. I won’t be silent. Just saw it live. Sorry.”


The Basketball Wives LA, Shaunie O’Neal, Malaysia Pargo, and Jackie Christie, recently stopped by FOX’s The Preachers, to promote the new season. But Shaunie weighed in on Ayesha Curry. She decided to give her some sound advice before popping off on social media again.

Neal expressed concern that Curry jeopardized her husband, Stephen Curry’s career by Tweeting out such a bold statement.

Shaunie said:

“I personally didn’t like her Tweet. I don’t know Ayesha Curry.”

She continued:

“I don’t believe in, she’s a woman, she’s a wife, be quiet and sit at home. I don’t believe in that, I feel like she should express her opinion but maybe be smarter about it. Was it rigged when your husband was winning, or just when he was losing?”

Malaysia, ex-wife of Jannero Pargo, gave Curry the benefit of the doubt:

“She’s human, and we get in our feelings. Our husbands are on the court, and we’re their biggest fans. So, she was just in the moment, I don’t think she even thought about, ’I’m offending someone.’”

Shaunie didn’t buy it and wasted no time checking Malaysia for the comment.

“That’s the problem, she didn’t think.”

Don’t come after the NBA when Shaunie’s around, apparently!


In an interview with People Magazine, Curry expressed regret for her Tweet, saying:

“I regret the way that I voiced how hurt I was. I felt hurt for [Steph], and I didn’t mean to offend anybody. Obviously, what I wrote is not what I think about what he does for a living.”

What do you think of what the Basketball Wives had to say about Ayesha Curry?

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