Steve Harvey Says Sister Patterson Was The Worst

Steve Harvey

To most of us who watch Family Therapy, we all know Tiffany Pollard’s mom Sister Patterson is aweful, but now Steve Harvey Says Sister Patterson Was The Worst!!!

Find out why Steve Harvey never wants to deal with Sister Patterson again on the flip…

Steve Harvey

Dr Jenn’s Family Therapy has been extremely dramatic when it comes to Tiffany Pollard and Sister Patterson and everyone in the house knows.

Last week iffany Pollard and Sister Patterson were guests on Steve Harvey’s talk show where Tiffany opened up about the miscarriage she suffered after Family Therapy stopped taping.

Once again, Sister Patterson and her rude self bashed her daughter saying “what baby?” Steve looked at her cross-eyed and that is when Sister Patterson and Steve Harvey went head to head on his show.

It was an EPIC moment because Steve NEVER gets that upset with people, but Patterson rubbed him the wrong way. That is when the gloves came off between the two!

Sister Patterson calls herself “perfect”, saying:

“The bible says to mark the perfect man or woman.”

Steve questions this and Sister insists she is perfect:

“If I’m seen as perfect through the blood of Jesus”

Steve shuts the reality mother down, saying:

“No, that ain’t what that means.”

He continues:

“What does this one mean here, ’There’s none perfect, no, not one’”?

Steve continues to tell Sister Patterson she can’t say that she’s perfect but she’s passionate:

“In the eyesight of God, yes, I am perfect. I am born again, saved, sanctified filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost.”

Watch the drama unfold:

Sister Patterson needs help!

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