Stevie J Avoids Lock up For Child Support

Stevie J Avoids Lock up For Child Support

Stevie J, one of OG’s of Bad Boy has had his fair share of child support issues, he was facing jail time and owing over $1.3M in owed child support!

Celebes we just got word things have taken a turn for the bright side for Stevie J because it appears he is NOT going to jail. Read on to find out what else…

Stevie J Avoids Lock up For Child has the latest on Stevie J, who just caught a huge break in his case and won’t be spending any time in the slammer.

The U.S Attorney’s Office confirmed Stevie J is in the clear when it comes to his potential jail bid. They also are reporting that he will be released from supervision as a condition of the new update.

If you recall, from the beginning Stevie’s claimed this entire child support case is nothing more than an extortion plot.

It appears that Stevie Jordan has literally lucked out since the judge in his case believed him. This is great news for the Danger Zone CEO. He won’t be facing any jail time like he first thought, but still required to pay his owed child support to the tune of $1.3M.

Jordan will also have to work out installments with the government’s Financial Litigation Unit, according to TMZ.