Akbar Abdul-Ahad’s Wife: Teairra Mari is Obsessed + Desperate

Akbar Abdul-Ahad's Wife: Teairra Mari is Obsessed + Desperate

Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood star Teairra Mari made headlines recently over a sex tape amid her alleged Instagram hacking scandal.

Read on for the tea spilling on Teairra Mari

Akbar Abdul-Ahad's Wife: Teairra Mari is Obsessed + DesperateMeanwhile many began to openly wonder if Teairra Mari and her boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad leaked the scandalous images and video as part of their upcoming storyline.

Last week Teairra Mari told everyone that she had been hacked!

Now, Akbar’s wife added major fuel to that fire, claiming the two are still together, despite Teairra alleged lawsuit against her ex and his boss 50 Cent.

Teairra Mari has put 50 Cent on the chopping block because heads will roll for exposing her on social media. Of course, Fiddy is unfazed by Tea Tea’s lawsuit.

Akbar Abdul-Ahad's Wife: Teairra Mari is Obsessed + Desperate

Moreover, Akbar is allegedly still married, and his wife had enough of everything. So, she decides to call out not only Akbar but Teairra.

In his wife’s opinion, this entire thing is one big charade. Akbar’s wife pulled a post and delete to her Instagram account of Akbar and Teairra spotted together after the lawsuit was announced.

According to Akbar Abdul-Ahad’s wife, she claims not only are they still married, but Teairra has been begging him to leave her.

Is Teairra a homewrecker?

We saw how she was acting when she was still trying to be with Ray J even after he was with Princess. Plus, it made for a great storyline that lasted a couple seasons.

If you ask Akbar’s wife, she feels that Teairra and he compulsive obsessive behavior is clear.

She posted the following captions with the photos:

Obsessed and desperate for attention! Begging my man to be with You! You begged him to leave me B****! But you still came to Dallas!