Tami Roman on Tahiry Jose: “Women Need To Take Accountability”

Tami Roman on Tahiry Jose: Women Need To Take Accountability

Tami Roman on Tahiry Jose: “Women Need To Take Accountability”!

Reggie Youngblood and Tami Roman, who had their moment on Marriage Bootcamp decided to weigh in on Vado putting Tahiry in a chokehold. Read on to hear why Tami Roman says “Women Need To Take Accountability” like Tahiry Jose…

CelebnReality247.com would like to point out for the past week, “Marriage Boot Camp” stars Tahiry Jose and Vado have been a hot topic on social media.

This season of Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition Tahiry Jose got choked out by rapper Vado, who she had thrown apples at and continually yelled at him. She was the aggressor for pushing Vado to his limit.

It is sad since the two have been friends for ten years. They turned things up when they decided to go from friends to lovers, and it is NOT a good mix.

Tahiry has a lot of baggage from her past relationships which have sabotaged her current one with Vado. Especially, when it comes to her outrage to learn Vado is very close to his baby momma. And they have an emotional bond.

What was worse is Tahiry dragging him on national TV calling him the brokest rapper she ever dated. Both parties are wrong for their actions, but when a woman doesn’t respect the man she is with, then its time to walk away.

This the line that Tahiry should have NEVER crossed. She feels like she could tell Vado anything. The 34-year-old Harlem rappers net worth is for 2019 is somewhere between $1 Million – $5 Million so for her to say he’s broke is wrong.

Tahiry was hoping tonight’s episode would shed some light on the situation but it only proves they should NOT be in a relationship and she needs to let go of her past baggage. It’s ruining her future relationships.

Which leads us to “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman and her husband Reggie Youngblood had some opinions about it as well on the “Bonnet Chronicles” podcast.

The conversations have really focused on if Tahiry should also be held accountable for her actions.

The answer is “Yes”

However, Reggie doesn’t think a man should ever put his hands on a woman. He said:

I don’t care how mad a female makes you, you do not put your hands on a woman by no means because one punch can kill a woman. And Vado looks like he ain’t no small dude and he straight up choked her.

He added:

And then the men in the room just sat there in shock like some h-es.

This is why Tami Brings up Accountability:

Tami feels:

Women have got to understand, and I am in no way cause Lord, Jesus, Father God, don’t think that I am condoning domestic violence because I do not. I am a survivor of DV. But I also feel that people need to take accountability in those situations. If you are a female that put your hands on a man first, you cannot count on the fact that he has been raised to not hit your @ss back.

She added:

And if he does hit you back, God forbid, to me I feel like that’s a fight. You just fighting at that point. That doesn’t really…and please, I’m sorry because I don’t want this taken the wrong way, that does not constitute a domestic violence situation to me. If you are the instigator, aggressor, the initiator of physical contact as a female in a relationship and you run up on somebody who ain’t been taught or who doesn’t live by the thought process that men should not hit women and they hit your a*s back, you got to take accountability for the fight that you are in. And you just got the short end of the stick.

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