Vado Gets Removed From The Marriage Bootcamp House

Vado Gets Removed From The Marriage Bootcamp House

Vado Gets Removed From The Marriage Bootcamp House!

Tonight’s episode of Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition we pick up right where we left off last week with Vado putting Tahiry Jose in a chokehold. Read on to see why Vado was removed from Marriage Bootcamp…


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A post shared by HA fisher (@vado_mh) on reports that Tahiry Jose doesn’t realize what she said to Vado on national TV was crossing the line.

Tahiry Jose had the audacity to air his private life on Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition and the world that he is the brokest rapper she has ever dated.

In a tweet promoting the show, Dr. Ish says Vado’s actions were out of line. It surprised everyone and he’s committed to making it right.

Dr. Ish also responded to “Marriage Boot Camp” fans who felt Tahiry instigated the whole thing. So wasn’t surprising that Vado’s time on the show came to an end.

She continued to pull his strings and disrespect him on TV. What is crazy is she felt tonight’s episode would shed light on the incident.

Vado is from New York, and she should know better than that? Like Tami Roman pointed out, Tahiry NEEDS to take some accountability for her actions on Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition.

She made Vado look like two cents on TV and you know the hip hop world was watching.

Raw & Uncut W/Hassan:

If you’ve ever watch Raw & Uncut W/Hassan, he made some valid points about the situation that went down between Vado and Tahiry Jose.

He explains the headset that Vado has and where he comes from. If he and Tahiry have been friends for 10-years then she should know that about him.

She is always in her feelings and lets her jealousy and insecurity get in the way of herself. She sabotaged her relationship and pushed Vado to his breaking point.

The Dr. wanted her to press charges, but Tahiry refused because she explains that Vado has NEVER done anything like that. She also reveals that she has had multiple abusive relationships, but you have to ask, “if every relationship ends with domestic abuse, maybe Tahiry is the problem.”

Does Tahiry not get that she is the aggressor like Vado explained on social media?

Anyways, doctor ish sat with Vado to see if his mindset was right, it was not. The doctor felt Vado learned nothing from his actions and therefore, he had him removed from Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition.

Tahiry will finish the therapy in the house without Vado.

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