Tatti Is Nothing But A Homewrecker

Tatti Is Nothing But A Homewrecker

Tati Is Nothing But A Homewrecker!

Black Ink Crew star Tati has really been doing the most on this season making sure to get as much air time as possible. Read on since Tati is nothing but a Homewrecker…

On the last episode,  CelebNReality247.com want to weigh in that Tati could NOT keep her hands off of Donna who is dating Alex, who is planning on proposing.

Ever since Tati and Teddy split last year she has been on a downward spiral.

Since then Tati and Donna started sleeping together bu Tati has gain feelings for Alex’s girlfriend and all she can think about is Donna.

The problem is Donna was upfront with Tati about just having fun, but she had to cut it off because Tati was becoming too much, like she did with Teddy. Yes, there is a pattern here.

Anyways, after Donna told Alex and he was PISSED, he gave her an ultimatum. Donna chose him over Tati, but she isn’t over it and last week while they were in Hawaii she could keep her hands off of Donna.

When Tatted Tati found out about Alex proposing, she has gone out of her way to sabotage her engagement.

She was so bitter at the Bachelor party at the strip club messy Tati thought she would air that she slept with Alex’s future wifey. This girl is a utter mess!

In addition, to sabotaging Donna and Alex’s happiness she is now trying to claim that Walt wanted to find out how good she rides the pony. Tati goes on to claim that she is cool with Jess and she feels that she needs to tell Jess about Walt trying to get at her.

Donna told her to let it go, but Tati feels Jess needs to know. It is completely wrong and this is some real homewreaker shit.

What do you think about Tati trying to ruin Walt and Jess’s wedding.

Not only that where are her friends to tell her she looks like a clown with that horrible makeup and ugly ass red hair. She can’t pull it off.

Tatted Tati made sure to post that he and Donna are still “besties”:


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