Black Ink Crew’ Star Walt Debunks Tati’s Accusations

Black Ink Crew’ Star Walt Debunks Tati’s Accusations

Black Ink Crew’ Star Walt Debunks Tati’s Accusations!

Season 8 of “Black Ink Crew” ends this week and fans aren’t sure if Jessica and Walt are going to finally tie the knot and its all thanks t Tati wanting to air some b-llsh-t. Read on to see why Walt Debunks Tati’s Accusations… reports that Walt and Jess flew to Hawaii to get married but the 113th crew were MIA until Ceaser decided to fly the crew there.

They crashed Walt and Jess dinner party to surprise him in Hawaii:

Ceaser Emaunel planned out the weekend of bliss with a male bonding moment in the jungle and a female bonding moment surfing. That is when Tati had an epiphany thinking she should tell Jess, Walt’s soon to be wife that he slid up in her DM’s a few months back.

The guys went to the jungle:

And the girls went to surf:

Despite getting advice from Donna to not tell Jessica, Tati is ignoring to stay quiet and feels she needs Jess to know what kind of man she is getting married to.

This is some real hater shit is you ask us, because if it really bothered her why wait 3 months? More that likely she wanted to air the dirt on Black Ink Crew for more air time about herself.

It just comes off petty, and most fans were NOT feeling her truth at all.

After the episode aired, Walt addressed the accusations. And he seemingly confirmed that he may have made things official with Jess.

Fans of “Black Ink Crew” have a lot to say about the accusations Tati made about Walt. But Jess has made it clear that she isn’t buying any of it.

Despite Tati trying to break up a happy couple they are still going strong.

In the tweet, Walt referred to Jessica as his wife.

Here is what Walt said after a fan of the show tweeted Walt. She asked him why he would slide in Tati’s DM’s as he should know Tati’s messy. Walt simply replied:

N—as believe anything!

Walt was implying that Tati was lying.

Walt Replied:

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