Teresa Giudice Gets Messy Spreading RUMORS About Jackie’s Husband

Teresa Giudice Gets Messy Spreading RUMORS About Jackie's Husband

Teresa Giudice Gets Messy Spreading RUMORS About Jackie’s Husband!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicks off with OG Teresa Giudice being messier than she has ever been when it comes to Jackie Goldschneider. Read on since Teresa Giudice caught spreading RUMORS…

Jackie Goldschneider threw a birthday bash for his husband at a restaurant surrounded by friends and the New Jersey Housewives, reports CelebnReality247.com.

Things start off like normal with the regular caddy jabs here and there as Jackie Goldschneider invites Jennifer and her husband after all the drama they went through last season. Jackie reveals that she invited Jennifer because of the COVID pandemic. She felt everyone has been having such a bad year maybe this would be a good time to mend fences.

You would think that was the motto for the night, but when Teresa gets there is a bunch of fake hello’s and straight to drinking.

And it doesn’t take long for Teresa to get messy about Jackie Goldschneider, who is penning her first book. The more she drinks the more she starts spreading rumors.

While Jackie is proudly speaking about how much she loves her husband, Teresa is walking around spreading rumors that Evan Goldschneider was going to the gym and doing stuff…”you know stuff.”

She first tells Margret who is appalled and tells Teresa to “stop this is inappropriate at the man’s birthday party.”

So, Teresa goes to Marisa, she too is upset and tells her to stop. Then, she goes to her brother Joe and so on. Teresa doesn’t stop spreading rumors telling everyone someone told her but she doesn’t remember.

It makes Jackie look foolish and what is worse is Teresa could have acted like an adult but instead she acted like a mean girl seeking revenge.

The whole night she looked envious of Jacki and Evan since her marriage fell apart. It looked as though she was holding a grudge with Jackie who made numerous comments about Joe when it wasn’t her place last season.

So in an attempt to get back, she spread RUMORS about Evan without proof, without receipts. It really made us NOT like Teresa Giudice on the first episode.

What do you think of her behavior?