Tommie Lee Says Goodbye to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Tommie Lee Says Goodbye to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be seeing a lot of new faces this season because Stevie J has been officially FIRED from the series and now Tommie Lee says goodbye.

Read on to see what Tommie Lee has decided to quit the only thing that put her on the map???

Tommie Lee Says Goodbye to Love & Hip Hop has the latest tea spilling when it comes to Tommie Lee.

We recently reported when Tommie Lee went to jail last month, but now we’ve received word that she’s hoping to spend time with her family and focusing on her career.

Tommie Lee has hit many road bumps during her time on the series fighting with almost everyone on the cast last season and anyone who deal with Joseline Hernandez.

Now that the new season is well underway filming Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s producers were concerned about the nature of Tommie most recent arrest. Lee’s arrest dealt with “child cruelty.”

According to police, Tommie went to her daughter’s middle school in a fit of anger, and slammed her head into a locker and pulled her hair.

Atlanta Black Star reports:

Lee was released from jail hours after her initial arrest on a $27,000 bond on Wednesday morning. However, the reality star was handcuffed again by Smyrna Police after violating a court order demanding her to stay away from her daughter. Lee made contact with her daughter just three hours later following her release.

Georgia authorities said the mother of two refused to come downstairs when they arrived at her home and tried to hide in the attic. She was taken back to jail Wednesday night and was charged with aggravated stalking and obstruction of an officer. The star continues to remain in jail without bond.

Several of Lee’s fans said they were appalled by her “abusive” actions towards her child and said she doesn’t deserve to have custody of her children.

Tommie is facing serious charges – including a child welfare case – in connection with that incident.

The people close to the reality star feel that it’s time for her to step away from reality tv and get her life in order.

One friend told MTO:

Tommie won’t be back on Love & Hip Hop. She has a lot of [legal] things to deal with. She’s focusing on her family and her career.

Tommie has been working on a hip-hop career. She’s hoping to follow in Cardi B’s footsteps.

Take a look at her new music with BlackYoungsta:

Oh lord, really? Cardi B has a massive team of people behind her. Plus, Cardi is likable and people enjoy working with her. How can Tommie think she could be like Cardi with a Joseline type of attitude? #SMH

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