Teairra Mari Jeopardizes Lawsuit Sleeping with Akbar

Teairra Mari Jeopardizes Lawsuit Sleeping with Akbar

Teairra Mari and the drama surrounding her sextape with Akbar has become an utter mess after it was revealed that Tea Tea was still smashing the man she is suing.

What is wrong with Teairra Mari? Well, the SADDEST thing we learned is Teairra Mari said: “he has some good D” when speaking to Roccstar. Read on for the latest drama from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood…

Teairra Mari Jeopardizes Lawsuit Sleeping with AkbarCelebNReality247.com can’t stop shaking our heads at Teairra Mari and the crazy she brings when it comes to Akbar and his polygamy lifestyle.

All season Teairra Mari has been crying to her friends that she’s a victim of a sextape that her boyfriend Akbar Abdul Ahad released.

She hired Lisa Bloom to represent her and even did a press release as part of the #MeToo Movement, but if Teairra is really a victim, then why is she stalking this man and still sleeping with him?

Back in May former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood castmate Milan Christopher defended his friend fighting the former ex-con turned reality star. A couple of months following the fight Milan turned on Teairra and appeared to have taken the muscled hunks side.


Fast forward to this past week on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Teairra has a sitdown with Roccstar to tell him about Akbar. She explains that she was tricked into believing he was only with her, but after Paris and Nikki learned he had a wife and girlfriend, her obsession grew.

Teairra Mari Jeopardizes Lawsuit Sleeping with Akbar

Why Teairra Mari Lost Support from Friends:

Teairra, who had made amends with Moniece, and received support from messy Brooke and others has been on a mission to get Akbar to dump his girlfriend and prove he is not married. #SMH

Once her friends learned she was being untruthful about sleeping with Akbar, the all dumped her.

This is the same behavior she had after she split with Ray J back in the day. Bottom line, Teairra has a problem. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, but she is so desperate for someone to love her she can’t see that the relationship is toxic. Just like alcohol, she is addicted to the thought of being loved and when a man shows her attention, she needs it more. Teairra has an addictive personality and it doesn’t matter what it is, if it fills her void, then she NEEDS it. This is why she is sprung on Akbar and can’t get enough of his D—!

This week, Roccstar got a dose of REAL TALK when Akbar’s wife did a pop up at his record release party. She confronted host Teairra Mari and READ her like yesterday’s news:

Roccstar was dumbfounded and you could see that Sade cracked her face.

If that wasn’t enough, Teairra my have been shimmering in gold but it was Roccstar’s face that had us rolling. The only thing is that he decided to follow Milan Christopher’s footsteps dressed like a red chili pepper.

No offense to Roccstar, but if you mean to fight someone you don’t dress like you going to perform on stage. This was such a made for TV moment, we almost feel producers did a reenactment of the Milan + Akbar fight for LHHH.

Lisa Bloom’s office WARNS Teairra:

All the crazy finally grabbed the attention of Lisa Bloom’s office and what we loved about this is they straight up told her if she continues to deal with Akbar intimately, then, they will be out.


Teairra Mari tells Donatella and Stefflon Don another story:

What you didn’t see on this weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was the moment when Teairra Mari met with Donatella and Stefflon Don.

Stefflon Don about her time in London as well as her mental state following her experiences with Akbar then offers Stefflon Don advice.

Catch how Teairra doesn’t tell them that she is continually running back to get the D from Akbar. #SMH

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