AD + Moniece Slaughter SPLIT

AD + Moniece Slaughter SPLIT

AD and Moniece Slaughter relationship have finally run its course with the DJ walking out and breaking up with her.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple AD + Moniece Slaughter’s relationship has come to an explosive end. AD took to social media to air out her issues about Moniece Slaughter. Read on…

AD + Moniece Slaughter has the latest drama besides Teairra Mari sprung on Akbar caramel dipped E-Ticket attraction in his pants.

For the past three seasons of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple relationship has played on VH1, but this season it’s OVER!

Moniece Slaughter has been a huge part of their demise from anger issues to jealousy, caddiness and more.

AD even stopped speaking to her best friend Tiffany, who was sleeping with Fizz, just to salvage her relationship with Moniece, but it still wasn’t enough. Moniece has a lot of baggage, but we all do. The only problem is Mo did the same BS while dating Lil Fizz and that is why they split.

What you didn’t see on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was AD apologizing to Tiffany:

Over the course of their relationship Fizz and AD seemed to have bonded, but after this week, even Fizz called it quits. Moniece made the comment, “finally he is taking my side.”

Last week, AD and Fizz had a sitdown talking about the drama with Moniece. AD just wanted some advice from Fizz because she is at a crossroad with Mo.

AD feels that she and Moniece are fighting too much. She feels neglected because Moniece is always about Moniece and AD just wants to feel supported.

You also didn’t see the moment when Fizz called it off with Tiffany because he was sick of the drama with his baby mama. He is trying to co-parent and Moniece has made it extremely hard for his relationship to work.

Check it:

In the final scene, it plays out somewhat ugly. AD believes that she can work out a deal with Fizz to have visitation rights to see his son.

He tips of Moniece so she pulls a pop up to face off with AD. That’s when she explains to Slaughter that she feels “the relationship is toxic, this relationship is dysfunctional and the arguments are intense.” The fights make me hate things about myself and I don’t want to feel like that.

It continues to go back and forth until Fizz breaks it down saying “I have had relationships since we split and when they’re over they’re NOT in my life anymore. You have to respect Cam’s mom’s wishes.”

Moneice puts the nail in the coffin and DEADS her relationship with AD. Then, Fizz pulls the plug on their bond and kindly asks for her to leave:

The funniest part is Fizz going in the frig pulling out ice cream to watch the fight.

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