Tommie Throws The Bad Boosh at Joseline Hernandez

Tommie Throws The Bad Boosh at Joseline Hernandez

The tangled webs they weave and no we ain’t talking about their hair. Joseline has been playing Tommie from the start and now things are coming to a head. Now Joseline has Tommie Throwing glasses of bad bosh, Really Girl???

Flip and get the tea on Joseline Hernandez vs Tommie…

Tommie Throws The Bad Boosh at Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez has been on a seek and destroy mission all season. She set her eyes on Stevie J and anyone attached to him, which includes Scrapp + Sas DeLeon, Karen King and the weak links Tommie and Tiara.

Scrapp is serving time, so he’s save from the lies Joseline is spewing. Tiara is smart enough to see through the BS, so far, but Tommie is a victim walking.

Yes, Tommie has priors, mug shots and a wrap sheet, but the girl is stuck on stupid to think Joseline Hernandez is a friend. She is a wolf is sheeps clothing. She will step on anyone she needs to get he celebrity stats. The only problem is Joseline is Messy to the 100th power, and messy spells UGLY!

Last week, Joseline tried to set Tommie up by getting her drunk. Joseline is a real life Ronnie from Players Club and in this senario, Tommie is Diamond. It all started when Tommie accuses Joseline of sending the police to her hotel room back in Los Angeles at the so-called “pool party” that included only Stevie J, Joseline and Tommie.

Like most victims, Tommie fell right into the black widows web allowing Joseline to strike and initiate her devious plan. From there is was a perfect laid plan. But now Tommie is trying to stand up for herself but she is looking a fool with KK. Last week she told KK, but she was drunk, so it sounded like lies. It sounds more like semi-scripted TV, but hey its Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, right?

Tommie Throws The Bad Boosh at Joseline Hernandez

Anyways, Tommie wasn’t too happy when 5-0 showed up to her door. Now Tommie decides to press Joseline about how the boys got her hotel room number. Joseline holds firm to the claim that she had nothing to do with the police showing up, but Tommie ain’t buying it. Tired of being manipulated, a frustrated Tommie throws a glass towards the bad boosh before being briskly swept away by security. Joseline says she didn’t call the police to her room, but could this be like Monday’s explosive episode of UnReal where producers are the ones behind the call?

Do you think Mona Called the police to cause drama and Joseline is playing a long? It is reality TV.


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