Is Young Dro Joseline’s Baby Daddy

Is Young Dro Joseline's Baby Daddy

Now that the news has surfaced that Joseline Hernandez has announced her pregnancy and that she and Stevie J are DONE! Who is the baby daddy? Rumors are swirling that dada is Young Dro!?!

Get more tea that is spilling about Joseline Hernandez + Young Dro being the daddy…

Is Young Dro Joseline's Baby Daddy

Now knows that this is a bunch of hearsay right now, but since Joseline has left Stevie J, she’s already replaced him with rapper Young Dro.

The couple recently did an interview with the Durtty Boyz downplaying that anything is going on. They claimed that their relationship is strictly business making music. But wasn’t that kind of the same thing she had going with Stevie J five years back?

Joseline NEVER admitting to Rick Ross putting paws on her while she was still with Stevie. Then she tried to air some of his alleged dirty laundry about his bedroom activities and now this?

Only time will tell, but rapper Young Dro is doing his part to fuel speculation that the baby is his. In a recent interview, Dro was asked if he’s the father of Joseline’s unborn child. His response?

“No comment.”

Get some water, have a seat and get some cold air because this tea is boiling hot and might make you faint. During the finale Joseline and Stevie had a sit down to see where they stand it was obviously on opposite side of town, because Joseline wants nothing to do with Stevie J, but for some reason she is still holding on the bogus marriage story. What is up with that Ms. Hernandez?

Listen to what Joseline had to say during the season finale at the 4:05 mark:

Joseline let Stevie know that she doesn’t need him to manage her anymore. Not only does she not love him anymore, but she’s good on her own. Things have gotten so bad for the fomer LHHATL couple that Jordan filed a restraining order on the Puerto Rican Prince.