Amber Priddy Helps Yung Joc Break Bro Code

Amber Priddy Helps Yung Joc Break Bro Code

The guy who only thinks with his D, Yung Joc, is back to messing up, but this time Amber Priddy Helps Yung Joc Break Bro Code, but who is really at fault?

Flip and get all the tea on Amber Priddy + Yung Joc…

Amber Priddy Helps Yung Joc Break Bro Code

If you’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 5 then you’ve seen Amber Priddy stirring up the pot between longtime friends Yung Joc and J-Nick on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 5! has noticed that Joc + Amber are both guilty since Yung Joc and J-Nick are longtime friends. Meanwhile, the THIRST is REAL for dancer and model Amber Priddy, who loves showing off her curves and her evolving looks on her Instagram. Amber loves to keep things hot, hot, hot, wearing fishnets, to formfitting cocktails dresses, from curly black tresses to wavy blonde hair.

In a world of constant photoshopping, it’s refreshing to see Amber share unedited and “unretouched” photos with her fans.

Watch Amber Priddy making her Kim Kardashian type entrance on LHHATL 5 going for Yung Joc. Freaks know freaks, so it only makes sense these two hook up. As for J-Nick, he’s breaking the bro code with Scrapp DeLeon by hooking up with his baby mama?

Who is the bigger dawg, Joc or J-Nick?



Meanwhile, checkout this photos of Amber Priddy: