Basketball Wives 8: What We Learned This Week

Basketball Wives: What We Learned This Week

Basketball Wives Season 8 has turned up the drama, turned up the lies, and the instigators have been in full effect.

Over the weeks, we have watched Jennifer Williams attempt to clean up her act, but no one is buying it. Then, there is OG, the now ex-football player who can’t stop twisting the truth if her life depended on it.

Jackie had to messy and let Jennifer know that she was uninvited to Costa Rica, but Jackie took it upon herself to tell Jennifer. Shaunie was annoyed with Christie for telling Williams. It was NOT her place, and Jennifer took it some type of way.

And Jackie Christie, the instigator, shhh starter of them all. Jackie has a huge fanbase, but a Leopard never changes their spots – she had everyone fooled for the first part of the season that she has changed but NOP Jackie is still that untrusting backstabber. Last but not least is Cece, the homewrecker who swooped in and stole Byron Scott’s heart. Read on…

Now you might think is harsh but if you go on national TV and present yourself a certain way, try to blame editing but continue to be that person every episode, or season in someone’s case, that is who you are.

Watch how Jackie twisted the truth and brings up Shaunie NOT inviting Jennifer, so she feels some type of way. Jackie is NOTHING but messy:

Let’s start with Cece aka Cecilia Gutierrez, the main squeeze in coach Byron Scott’s life – He is foolish to let a woman come into his life and allow her to be pursued him from speaking to his kids. SAD.

Cece talked shhh about Evelyn Lozada, calling her a hood rat and ghetto. Feby and Malaysia reveal they heard Cece talking smack about Evelyn while, Ev spills that Jackie talking behind everyone’s backs.

Cece has been nothing but a liar on the show. She has played victim from the jump and has the most to say about everyone. Yes, the ladies were mean girls in the beginning, but Cece is cut from the same cloth. She is worse for the way she starts things and NEVER wants to face up to anything. That is the true definition of an shhh starter and liar, which makes sense why she, OG and Jackie Christie are friends.

Next, OG, she is so desperate to fit in and have a click to hang with she twists the truth claiming loyalty. OG, needs to stand up and stop being a follower, but it appears that she is so thirsty for friends, she will make up lies to get Jackie and Cece to be her besties. She loves to insert herself into other peoples problems and create issues when they’re NOT hers. She is Cece’s pawn, but she is cool with that as long as she has a girlfriend. SAD.

Last, Jackie Christie, man, we were actually liking her this season until she TRIED Malaysia Pargo, listening to some guy from the A. Not to mention putting her gay friend on the show to act up on women. Totally tacky. Then, she was disrespectful and ghetto yelling outside Jennifer’s cancer event. Jackie loves to twist the truth, never own up to her constant lying, and fabricates and embellishes stories.

The missing piece of the puzzle was OG lying about Feby because she doesn’t like her. Feby made a song and called out OG for wearing knock labels. Since then OG has been on the warpath.

The most recent was this week when Jackie claims to have heard that Feby is a crackhead. That right there is fighting words and Jackie needs put in her place. We know too many people like her and all of the ratchet @ss shh starters have been curved. It is disgusting to see a woman her age trying to act like she’s twenty. Jackie, you are TOO TOO TOO old for the way she is acting.

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