Ceaser Emanuel: “This Is NOT A Storyline” For Black Ink Crew

Ceaser Emanuel: "This Is NOT A Storyline" For Black Ink Crew

Ceaser Emanuel: “This Is NOT A Storyline” For Black Ink Crew!

The new season of Black Ink Crew has given fans what they love – drama-drama and more drama. With that said, Ceaser Emanuel has been in the spotlight this season once again dealing with his ex-baby mama Crystal Torres who has continued to RUIN his life.

For years we all know that Crystal has tried to get Cease back since he landed Black Ink Crew on Vh1 and has become a household name.

Crystal has been on the series trying to make Ceaser look like a bad father when he has only shown cameras that he has been a loving dad to his daughter Cheyenne.

CelebnReality247.com has the latest from Ceaser Emanuel who took an interview with TheJasmineBrand following last week’s press conference.

Ceaser Emanuel stated “I’m not gonna lie, this is difficult. It’s not a press conference with a kid from the hood. It’s just, something that we don’t really do. When you have to take these measures, it’s a lot for me.”

Though he vows that “I know that it’s necessary for me to sit here and clear my name.”

The BIC owner added:

I want to let everybody know, this ain’t no story. I’m not gonna sit here and put myself through this type of drama for a storyline – especially not with my daughter’s mother or my child. People have to understand, certain times, out of envy and hate, people will do certain things and convince other people to go along with it.

I’ve been dealing with this for years now. It’s hard when you have family members that just want to destroy you, and they lurk on everything that you try to do, and to some capacity, convince people that really, really, love you, that basically, I ain’t s***. I will always, always, always defend my child. But these heinous accusations, I gotta show people that this s*** is a lie. This ain’t happen.

Ceaser explains why he had the press conference.

He goes on to say:

[I had to] put out the facts, not nobody sitting there going off their mouth, going off their emotions, but the hard facts. Not from my mouth, but other people who witnessed the situation, who’s been there, who understand ‘Yo, this guy didn’t nothing

The head honcho of Black Ink Crew concluded:

All I’ve ever been was a good father. Why, when she’s 17, why she decided to go off the hinge. That narrative has been put out there by my daughter’s mother. People who watch the show have watched years and years of her sitting there trying to manipulate a situation, trying to get back with me… In season 2, she put me on child support and got me arrested. People don’t understand the stuff I have done. For her, for anybody sitting here [saying] I’m beating up on my child, all I want to say is this s*** ain’t true, and if it was, I wouldn’t be having a TV show or sit here with a press conference trying to let people know I ain’t do nothing.

Ceaser has already filed a lawsuit against Crystal for defamation.