Cheers Black Ink Crew 4 Is Back

Heads will role, but first lets Cheers Black Ink Crew 4 Is Back for another season of fun, good times, drinking and lets not forget drama and hijinks!!!

While Puma kicks off his new tattoo spot, Dutchess and Donna are partying on the dance floor, Sky is excited and Ceasar and Teddy are watching chicks get down in Black Ink on the flip…

Black Ink Crew Season 4

It’s like coming home to the family who has more drama than Bruce Jenner wanting to be a woman. Who knew that we missed our Harlem family.

This might NOT be a Party Down South, but Black Ink Crew 4 is about to turn it up with another crazy ass ride for season 4.

Take a look at the new season of Black Ink Crew that kicks off on April 4, 2016 below:

Where did we leave off from season 3?


After their big blowup at the reunion over Sophia The Body, will Dutchess and Ceaser still get married?

Cease and the rest of the cast discuss the turmoil between the former two best friends, and try to understand why it’s still currently a big deal.

O’S**t talks about the relationship he has with each of his baby mamas. Meanwhile, Coley and Kathy begin to argue.

What will happen NEXT? We just have to wait until Black Ink Crew Season 4 premieres Monday, April 4th + 9/8c on VH1!