Congratulations to Nina Parker Honoree by The BPRS

Congratulations to Nina Parker Honoree by The BPRS

Nina Parker has been working in television for over a decade hosting all of the Love & Hip Hop franchise reunions and more.

Nina Parker continues to prove her worth and likeability hosting and working on E!’s Nightly Pop. Read on as we give some reason why she is best suited for the job…

Congratulations to Nina Parker Honoree by The believes that its time that Nina Parker, who has gained a lot of her notoriety as the host of the Love & Hip Hop franchise reunions.

Nina Parker has done tons of commentary and continues to work tirelessly to further build her brand and pave the way for black women in the entertainment industry.

Nina took to social media this week after receiving some much due accolades for her outstanding body of work. Parker was the honoree by The National Black Public Relations Society (BPRS)! In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Los Angeles Chapter will honor 20 trailblazers in communications and culture.

Ms. Parker thanked Essense after being named as one of three women changing the face of talk shows.

She had this to say to Essense Mag:

Thank you @essence for the amazing write-up! Sometimes you work tirelessly behind the scenes and people have NO idea what you’ve sacrificed to be there. I have been dreaming of my career since I was ten years old, making a cardboard tv cut out and hosting shows w my Barbies. As a Black woman in television, I take nothing for granted. I went to a junior college because I couldn’t afford a four-year university and had to save my coins to transfer, I’ve lived in my car, I’ve been fired from my dream job only to pick up the pieces and start over again. God gives us faith when things feel hopeless & I don’t take this journey for granted. You will be told no, you will be told you aren’t good enough, you will be so frustrated you want to quit… DON’T. I appreciate @essence for showing me love when at times I feel unappreciated for what I’ve contributed to the television space. It’s important we show each other love when so many people want to silence our voices. ?

Nina had this to say about her receiving her Power Press award at the The National Black Public Relations Society 20th anniversary.

Parker gracefully thanked the BPRSLA saying:

I really want to thank @bprsla for honoring me with the Power Press award last night, and including me within the 20 honorees for our contributions in communications & culture! I had an amazing time being around so many positive, ambitious & groundbreaking people in entertainment. I truly appreciate the love!!! ?

XO Necole congratulated Nina as well, and she responded the Necole.

Nina said:

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be in your homes, representing for the people everyone counted out, the people who didn’t grow up rich or with privilege, representing women who work three times as hard to get the get an ounce of recognition. I built this from the ground and I’m proud of my career. God is good and faith will sustain you. Don’t give up, don’t give in and KEEP GOING. ?

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