Jackie Christie Optimism CRUSHED Into Smithereens

Jackie Christie's Optimism CRUSHED Into Smithereens

Jackie Christie Optimism CRUSHED Into Smithereens!

On the latest episode of “Basketball Wives,” the ladies arrive at the mansions for the beginning of their trip. Jackie is very optimistic that the ladies will be able to come together and hash out all of their issues. Continue on to see why Jackie Christie and her optimisim are crushed.

CelebnReality247.com reports that on this season of “Basketball Wives,” Jackie Christie is trying her hardest to have all the ladies come together in the biggest Ponderosa ever.

It all sounds great but a couple of the ladies, OG and Jennifer Williams are NOT bending or being forgiving.

We know if you fast forward to now, Jennifer and Evelyn Lozada have made up and squashed their beef. Both ladies continue to battle Internet bully OG on social media.

What is crazy is OG loves to dish it, but she can’t take it. Instead, she always resorts to violent threats or tries to claim “colorism.”

The worst part is it doesn’t seem like “colorism” and more like personal insecurities about her looks. This is what she explained to Kristen Scott on Tuesday night episode.

Where Things Stand with Jennifer and OG:

Jennifer is also not interested in moving forward from last season’s drama. She’s still upset Malaysia threw a table at her. Plus, she thinks everyone isn’t held accountable for their actions.

Jackie Christie grows frustrated by Jennifer’s attitude.

While Shaunie and the ladies are in the main mansion minus Feby who was exposed to COVID they are gelling and relaxing.

Over at Jackie’s mansion, which she says is “sexier and more her style,” Jennifer and OG are staying.

Why The Conversation with OG and Kristen Went Nowhere:

Christie has the hope to bring the ladies together and when Kristen says she wants to talk to OG, she feels there is hope.

But hope gets squashed quickly when OG is guarded and still NOT open about her accusations of colorism among the ladies of Basketball Wives.

For Jackie, it’s the last chance for the ladies to fix their sisterhood. Though, Evelyn doubts that the conversation will be productive because she believes OG made up the colorism situation in her head.

Well, Evelyn’s thoughts become true when Kristen arrives at Jackie’s mansion, OG says colorism is what she experienced. Kristen says she’s never experienced colorism in the group even though they are both dark-skinned women. But OG says Kristen has different features and they are more “slender.”

Kristen is confused by OG’s “feelings.”

In a green screen interview, Kristen says this was disappointing to hear because it dismisses Kristen’s own past experiences in life. She even breaks down in tears over OG accusing her of being racist.

Nothing gets through to OG and once again she says that Kristen was a colorist to her as well. For Kristen, it wasn’t about skin tone. She just didn’t get along with OG at the time so she didn’t take her side on things. Then, OG then says that people who are lighter aren’t held accountable. Jennifer brings up the time when Malaysia threw a table, why wasn’t she accountable?

Our answer: Malaysia was the victim of lies, and was being attacked, so she defended herself.

As for, OG, and Jennifer, both ladies are the aggressors and bullies. That is the difference. Both OG, and Jennifer have been in the wrong, but they don’t clearly see how their actions have affected everyone.

Jackie then interjects and says that she was actually called aggressive for past actions.

Then, OG made herself worse, trying to justify while explaining, Kristen has a mouth too, and she was just letting her know that she would break Kristen’s jaw if she kept “bucking up.”

When, Kristen, says that she doesn’t see colorism as an issue in the group. OG ends the conversation.

Back at Evelyn’s mansion, Kristen tells all the ladies her conversation with OG didn’t go well.