Black Ink Crew Chicago Cast Member Fly Tatted Dead

Black Ink Crew Chicago Cast Member Dies

Black Ink Crew Chicago Cast Member Fly Tatted Dead!

This just took us by total surprise, but you might remember Black Ink Crew’s contestant, Fly Tatted has died. Read on for details on Black Ink Crew Chicago Fly dead…


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A post shared by Black Ink Crew (@blackinkcrew) reports that earlier this month news of Fly Tatted death surfaced after Black Ink Chicago’s Ryan Henry misspoke about Fly Tatted death.

Initially, Ryan Henry stated Fly Tatted, whose real name is Elijah Muhammad-Bey, died of an apparent suicide.

Fly was one of the new cast members of Charmane’s Tattoo Shop.

On Feb 9, Black Ink Crew’s official Instagram page shared a picture of Fly Tatted and penned a caption mourning his loss.

They said:

We’re deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Fly Tatted today

They further added:

We’ll always be grateful he was a part of our #BlackInkCHI family. Rest in peace.

Ryan and Fly had a close relationship, and he was the first one to share Fly Tatted’s news of passing away on social media. As mentioned in Ryan Henry’s older Instagram expired story, he said that he confirmed with Elijah’s family and friends that the celeb’s death was ruled a homicide and not suicide.

Henry’s Instagram post and note for Fly Tatted:

I loved to see your growth, and I hated to see you fall with the weight on your shoulders, cuz you knew what you had to fight through. .I hate how we ended when I believed in you to make it through your troubles and I had to turn my back for how bad it got… I still believed you was smarter than the streets. Rest Well young fella. my condolences to your Family. Fly high lil Moe. ??