Oh Please OG… Kristine Scott Used Colorism Against You

Oh Please OG... Kristine Scott Used Colorism Against You

Oh Please OG… Kristine Scott Used Colorism Against You?

Basketball Wives OG was unwilling to explain herself about her colorism accusations on last night’s episode. And we are sorry to say when you experience any type of prejudice, bullying, or hate, we all have something to say and can explain what we are going through. Continue on for the tea on OG speaking with Kristine Scott about Colorism…

Last night, OG seemed to be reaching when Kristen tried to make amends and truly understand why OG felt the way she did.

Kristen Scott & OG’s Conversation About Colorism Goes Nowhere:

Instead, OG continued to keep her walls up, twist everything, and put it on Kristen when all she did was calmly sit and listen to OG.

What is worse is OG and Kristen are of the same complexion.

It is sounding more and more like OG is insecure about her own looks and is hating on the girls in the group because they have thin noses and sharper features on their faces. OG has a more traditional African look, but that has a lot to do with her heritage and family roots.

That is something OG needs to be proud of. We all look different but that does NOT make mean there is colorism in the group. Lost of name-calling, yes. Fights and throwing things, yes. Picking sides and favorites, yes, but colorism NO.

OG is looking foolish and the storyline is getting redundant.

Let’s not forget, OG is an ex-football player. She has taken her on-field aggression and used it to bully all the ladies at one point or another. And she doesn’t see how wrong she has been all last season.

Not to mention, the BS she caused between CeCe, who quit the show, and Kristen.