Sheree Whitfield Back With Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams After Prison Release

Sheree Whitfield Back With Boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams After Prison Release!

Love is in the air again, but this time NO MORE phone sex… it’s the real thing baby! Fly Tyrone Gilliams is HOME and ready to ROCK Sheree Whitfield’s world. Read on…

Sheree Whitfield Reignites Flame with Ty Gilliams After Prison Release

Did you say “blow your back out” or Sheree got her groove back?” Well, now that the guy she wants is free from prison all that is about to go down!

Why not, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ star Sheree Whitfield’s boyfriend, Tyrone Gilliams is sexy!

What has learned about Sheree Whitfield and Tyrone:

Tyrone was released from prison in Kentucky last week and ever since then, he’s been spending lots of QT with Sheree. We’re told they’ve mostly been spending time in Philly … going out and enjoying cheesesteaks, naturally.

It’s also being reported Sheree’s helping him acclimate back into life on the outside … which includes helping him catch up with the latest technology.

True ‘RHOA’ fans know Tyrone and Sheree dated briefly nearly a decade ago, but he cut off contact when he realized the feds were going to indict him in a wire fraud case. Tyrone was ultimately sentenced to 10 years back in October 2013.

They reconnected around her birthday in 2016, and decided to start dating again — which meant communicating as much as possible, and Sheree visited him in prison.

Things went south, though, in 2018 when Tyrone says he lost an appeal … so they stopped dating.

Now that Sheree’s single and he’s scored an early release — due to COVID spreading in prison — he says the time was right to rekindle that old flame, according to TMZ.

Tyrone says he can see them getting married down the line, but he has no plans to pop the question to Sheree just yet.


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