Sheree Whitfield; What Are You Thinking?

Sheree Whitfield; What Are You Thinking?

Ok we get it, Sheree Whitfield finally has a man in her life that is showing her some attention and respect, but GURL!

Sheree Whitfield is in a relationship with a white collar crime criminal named Tyrone Gilliams, but he has 4-years to go before he’s free. Read on, because Sheree is saying that Tyrone is the best relationship she’s ever been in….

Sheree Whitfield; What Are You Thinking?

No offense, but Sheree Whitfield we’re worried about you. We understand Tyronne is verys sexy, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Sheree Whitfield are you forgetting Tyrone Gilliams is locked up for 4 more years? According to Sheree, not having a physical relationship with Tyrone has made them closer.  Sure it has. Maybe that is because he is saying all the right things right now, but the man is locked up. Of course, he’s gonna say all that good stuff you wanna hear. When he gets out, trust it will be completely different.


On top of that, it’s all good on the phone, but when you move him in, you’re really gonna get a taste of what he’s about. While he is locked up, Sheree really needs to get out there and test the waters. Have fun, date and find a man who isn’t incarcerated. Sheree Whitfield is 48-years-old and to waste those years on a man who is locked up is dumb!
Here is what Sheree is saying about Tyrone:

“It’s very unconventional, I’ve never dated someone incarcerated. I really feel like I got to know him on a deeper level. I feel like I know this man better than I’ve known any man in my entire life.

“The positive of dating someone incarcerated for me is, I feel like I got to know him on a deeper level,” she added. “We don’t have anything else to do but communicate.”


She concludes:

“If it’s not via telephone, it’s email, it’s almost like a love story where it’s kinda cute and romantic.”

Check out Sheree serving KAKES! We guess this was for Tyrone…show him what he’s missing:


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