Kandi Burruss Turns Blind Eye To Slackers on Kandi And The Gang

Kandi Burruss Turns Blind Eye To Slackers on Kandi And The Gang

Kandi Burruss Turns Blind Eye To Slackers on Kandi And The Gang!

Have you been watching Kandi And The Gang on Bravo? Well, we have and we are starting to notice that either Kandi Burruss has spread herself to thin with all her business ventures or she is bring back all the former employees to bring the drama.

On tonight’s episode, things continue to reveal how terrible Old Lady Gang restaurant employees are…

CelebnReality247.com is on a soap dish and we have to get this off our chest, sorry Kandi you are probably not going to like this, but someone has to tell you.

First off, Kandi, you need to listen to your husband Todd, he is right when it comes to hiring Phillip. You hired Phillip to clean up Old Lady Gang Restaurant located in the Castleberry Hill district of Atlanta on Kandi And The Gang and when he does what you ask, you get upset?

You have a bunch of problem employees, starting with your slacker manager Brandon Black who admitted he only took the job so he could date, Dom’Unique. The other problem you have is Shawndreca Robinson, she believes being there from the start makes her think she is not expendable. She carries major attitude and stroles in like she’s the queen bee. She’s a host, that’s it.

Kandi Burruss Turns Blind Eye To Slackers on Kandi And The Gang

Then, there is Torin Mitchell and recovering alcoholic Brian Redmond. Tonight Brian revealed that losing his sister to suicide has been the hardest thing to deal with. Not to mention COVID made him realize he was a major drug addict and drank a gallon of Vodka per day. Thankfully he has cleaned up his addiction, and he’ trying to heal from the loss of his sister.

On tonight’s episode Brian, who actually busts his ass got into it with Phillip. His spicy tone set Phillip off calling Brian lazy. That is NOT true, and Don Juan had to step in to calm both parties down. Juan is great at putting out fires for Kandi, but maybe she needs to be a little more hands on so she can truly see her problem staff and how it looks to customer.

Bottom line, its not a good look.

If you ask us, the problem trickles down from owner (Kandi) to manager (Brandon Black) and Phillip Frempong is doing everything he can to develop Old Lady Gang into a thriving restaurant it could be.

Brandon Black is a poor example for employees, he sits at the bar eating, when the staff needed his help. Then Brandon covers for Dom’Unique who continues to make dance her priority. She is the bartender. Sorry to say, but if she needs to work, then she needs to plan better or not work that day.

With Dom’Unique showing up an hour and a half late, Brian and Shawndreca had to make drinks and step up while Brandon did nothing.