Mama June’s Boyfriend Is A Drunken Danger

Mama June's Boyfriend Is A Drunken Danger

Welcome to loserville, USA as we now sit back and take a look at white trash in its natural habitat. Which leads us to Mama June’s boyfriend who was in no shape to drive when he slammed his SUV into her home’s garage.

Mama June’s boyfriend, belligerant, and alleged crackhead Geno Doak was speeding down the street Friday before he pulled into the driveway and crashed into the garage. Read on from more details… reportss that witnesses in Mama’s neighborhood say that Geno Doak began honking the horn for June to come out and that’s where the video begins.

Next, you see, the ‘From Not to Hot‘ star Mama June come out of the house to the passenger door wearing a purple negligee.

June hops in the SUV, and it appears she’s leaning over to try to help her boyfriend, possibly unfasten his seat belt so he can get out and go in the house, but the mission fails.

Next, we witness a true white trash moment when Geno manages to make it out of the vehicle, shirtless with his pants and socks falling off.

What is sad about this is he appears to be thoroughly inebriated and can only stumble his way a few steps up the sidewalk toward the front door before retreating back to the SUV.

You can see that Mama trying to pull Doak’s pants up, but he slaps her hand away and starts punching the windows of the vehicle.

He’s an absolute mess and clearly a danger behind the wheel.

Mama June NEEDS to DUMP this loser!


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