OG Slams ‘Basketball Wives’ Editing

OG Slams 'Basketball Wives' Editing

OG Slams ‘Basketball Wives’ Editing!

Of course, OG is now complaining that ‘Basketball Wives’ editing made her look bad on the last episode. Maybe it’s just you OG? Read on to see why she going in on ‘Basketball Wives’ Editing

CelebnReality247.com reports that OG is now complaining that ‘Basketball Wives’ editing was used to make her look like she was an angry black woman not willing to bend.

Basketball Wives star OG took to social media to slam the editing of this week’s episode.

We understand that OG feels that the editing that made her look bad is ridiculous because she is the one continually speaking on social media about the ladies being colorist, but she doesn’t want to talk about it?

She has complained about it, but she is NOT willing to compromise and have common ground with Kristen. OG is so full of it. She really needs to look in the mirror when speaking about being a colorist. She is the one being ignorant on the subject matter. A one-on-one conversation is what starts it, but she doesn’t understand to solve this it NEEDS to start with her.

During the episode, OG chatted with Kristen Scott about the colorism accusation she made against Evelyn Lozada — but Kristen is really not her friend and it did not play out well.

She wrote:

I do not care what these people think about me. Yes, I experienced colorism. Yes, I experienced racism. I initially expressed my concerns privately to see if these issues could be resolved. After publicly being defamed, segregated, and called a monkey, I shared my experience.

I was asked multiple times while filming to explain myself regarding these topics and did so in great detail (just to have it edited out). This is not my “storyline.” I’m not the one who keeps bringing it up. I have no reason to lie. This is simply what REALLY happened to me.. followed by pathetic attempts to do DAMAGE CONTROL. STOP perpetuating this disgusting FALSE narrative and TELL THE TRUTH.

OG continues to put Basketball Wives on BLAST since it was recently reported that the other ladies are refusing to film with her.