Rich Dollaz Pissed Mariahlynn Spills Tea on Relationship

Rich Dollaz Pissed Mariahlynn Spills Tea on Relationship

Mariahlynn addresses the pregnancy rumors with her man Rich Dollaz, but he is fueled that she spoke about his private business.

After Mariahlynn poured her heart out on national TV telling Rich Dollaz that “I love you very much,” he acts blindsided by the news.

Things instantly go from touching to ugly in 60 seconds and Richie storms off stage stating she has no right to speak on his diabettes. Read on for the
Mariahlynn tea spill… reports that Mariahlynn also revealed that she is NOT pregnant by Rich Dollaz, but she had been before.

Mariahlynn explains that she and Rich Dollaz have been talking about having a baby, but he got a visectomy after his diabetes diagnosis.

Once Rich Dollaz heard her spill his private business he bounced off the stage. He was heated, but following his depature, Nia Lee decided to chime in calling Mariahlynn stupid.

Nia felt the need to tell her that she NEEDS to stop making a fool of herself since Richie has been keeping his relationship with her on the low.


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