Sky Spills The Dirt on Dutchess

Sky Spills All The Dirt on Dutchess

The air at Black Ink Tattoo Parlor is so thick you can cut a knife since Donna and Dutchess went head to head on who had their pie eaten by who, but Sky Spills All The Dirt on Dutchess!!!

If you thought you knew wait until you hear what Sky spills about Dutchess in Miami….

Sky Spills The Dirt on Dutchess

If you’ve been keeping  up with the Black Ink Crew this season, then you already know that things got hot and heavy in Miami when Dutchess had a little too much to drink.

We all saw that Dutchess was extra touchy on Donna and one of Sky’s friends after the club at the burger spot. Then when Donna and Dutchess got back to the crib they headed to Sky’s room. Sky knew some ish was gonna go down, but on tonight’s episode D&D went head to head in a yelling matching on the case of the “who ate Dutchess’ cherry pie.”

If you’ve been keeping up with the black ink crew this season, you know that Dutchess had a wild night in Miami with Donna but the two can’t seem to agree with what actually went down. Luckily, Sky was there to witness and give us all her first account if the event.

Dutchess weighs compares to her incident to The Players club when Diamond took advantage of

Dutchess and Donna give their accounts what really happened in the bedroom in Miami once the cameras stopped rolling.

Sky gives the most candid, revealing, and entertaining version of what really went down in Miami to prove who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.

Sky is ready to set the record straight on the Miami get down with the eat down:

We feel that Usher’s “Confessions Pt II” fits for all this drama:

Who do you believe is telling the truth? Sky, Dutchess or Donna? What do you think about Sky Spills the dirt?