Stevie J’s Lawyer Drops Him Amidst Faith Evans Divorce Battle

Stevie J's Lawyer Drops Him Amidst Faith Evans Divorce Battle

Stevie J’s Lawyer Drops Him Amidst Faith Evans Divorce Battle!

This is not looking good for Stevie Jordan. According to multiple sources Stevie J’s attorney has officially dropped him as a client in his ongoing divorce battle with Faith Evans… reports that court documents obtained by Radar reveal that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted a withdrawal of representation motion brought Kimia Klein from the law firm Fox Rothschild LLP.

It looks like Stevie J might be in the market for a new divorce attorney after his lawyer filed a motion to drop the former Bad Boy Records producer as a client.

Radar reports that attorney Kimia Klein, a lawyer with Fox Rothschild LLP, filed documents with the court seeking to terminate the firm’s representation of Stevie J in his divorce from Faith Evans.

The attorney wrote:

There has been an irremediable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship such that a genuine conflict has arisen between Fox and Steven. Despite several attempts by my office to informally resolve the issues with Steven, we have been unsuccessful in resolving the issues.

She told the court that none of the other attorneys wanted to represent Stevie.

I feel compelled to articulate that the relationship has broken down sufficiently so that my colleagues and I cannot continue to represent Steven, and that conflicts have risen.

Stevie J married Faith Evans in 2018. In 2020 she was arrested on domestic violence charges. Stevie filed for divorce claiming “irreconcilable differences.”

Jordan has been making headlines over the past couple months since he’s separated from Faith.

Not to long ago, Stevie was spotted receiving fellatio during a virtual interview.

Then, earlier this month fans were dogging him since his upper boy is a powerhouse, but his legs look like pencils.

What do you think about Stevie J’s getting dropped by his Lawyer amidst his Faith Evans divorce battle???

On July 17, 2018, the couple wed in Las Vegas but separated on Oct. 19, 2021, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

The breakup has been ugly.

The couple has no children together, and it’s unknown if they have a prenuptial agreement.

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