Summer Bunnii FIRED from LHHH A1 + Lyrica Storyline

Summer Bunni FIRED from LHHH A1 + Lyrica Storyline

Summer Bunnii Fired? The side chick that almost came between Offset and Cardi B has done what THOTS do, move on to the next man, A1 Bentley.

See, Summer Bunnii is that chick trying to get a come up, or a spot on reality TV, and apparently, she almost did until her plotline was foiled. Read on for the tea spill on why Summer Bunnii FIRED from LHHH

Summer Bunni FIRED from LHHH A1 + Lyrica is hearing that THOTIANNA Summer Bunnii has been creepin’ with Lyrica Anderson’s braided blonde hubby A1 Bentley from ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.’

Why is Summer Bunnii FIRED from LHHH?

The blogger who is getting sued by Cardi B revealed that the alleged affair was an attempt for Summer to be a part of ‘Love and Hip Hop.’

Now, we don’t see what she Summer Bunnii in him except a paycheck and a possible way to get on TV, but one of Lyrica Anderson’s friends posted a video of the rapper on a Facetime call that’s pretty incriminating.

Summer Bunnii asks A1 where he is and he says he’s at the studio. She proceeds to say:

You must be around people which is why you’re acting funny.

She then says:

He should “keep that same energy I won’t forget it.”

At the end of the video, Bentley says that he will text her.

Lyrica’s friend also posted screenshots of a conversation with a woman named Jewel and revealed that Summer Bunnii smashed A1 and Future.

Apparently, that storyline is dead because the website spewing all kinds of gossip is now claiming she’s been FIRED:

So as it turns out …Offset’s ex Summer Bunni had plans on breaking up A1 Bentley’s family to use as a story line for #LoveAndHipHop .. that is until #TashaK EXPOSED her devious under-handed ass

Summer Bunni FIRED from LHHH A1 + Lyrica Storyline

Soulja Boy Returning to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood in a love triangle with Blac Chyna, and Summer Bunnii:

In additional news, we are also hearing that Soulja Boy will be returning to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood caught in a love triangle with Blac Chyna, and Summer Bunnii for the upcoming season.

After seeing Soulja Boys antics on Marriage Bootcamp, we had enough of him, but it appears LHHH is going back to another played out storyline with different cast members. #SNORE

HollywoodLife reported that Bunnii’s manager, Antonia Velez, got her the gig with VH1.

All this will be filed in RUMORS since NONE of this has been confirmed by VH1. Now we see why Mona Scott-Young let this franchise go.

Will you be watching?

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