Tommie and Tiarra Face Off Over Scrapp DeLeon

Scrapp DeLeon

Scrapp DeLeon has a sit down with his baby mama Tiarra and his girl Tommie Lee about him facing jail time, which he is currently serving!!!

Find out what happens when Scrapp DeLeon has a sitdown with Tiarra and Tommie…

Scrapp DeLeon

Before thing get out of control on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 5 episode 3, Stevie J has a sit down with his nephew Scrapp DeLeon. The two men talk about his love triangle.

Stevie knows what he is talking about since he dealt with his baby mama, Mimi Faust, the woman who is the perfect woman to be with, and Joseline Hernandez, the stripper turned rapper/housewife ok well, main Beeoatch.

This is a couple of months before Scrapp was sentenced to jail time. On tonight’s episode Scrapp is talking about possibly landing some jail time so he’s trying to get his house in order, it just that his house on a ratchet mess. Yeah we talking about Tommie.

Scrapp DeLeon

Watch as Stevie J gives Scrapp some advice and tells him that he has to choose one:

When Tiara confronts Scrapp DeLeon about if he is going to dump his ratchet hoe Tommie Lee. who has been trying to get Scrapp to dump his baby mama and take his son King back.


Last week Tommie was exposed for all of her mug shots and criminal past which she denies nothing. Tommie Lee has already made her mark on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, from her love-hard passion to her play-zero-games attitude, a lot of you are definitely feeling this Georgia Peach.

But Tommie stuck on ratchet and when Scrapp reveals that he never loved her Tommie has nothing to lose. Then when Tiarra tells Scrapp that she is not going to be there this time while he is locked up and she’s NOT bring King around anymore. Scrapp tells her that he just wants to sort things out, but Tiarra is NOT hearing it.

Meanwhile, Tommie is talking all kinds of smack, and getting school yard with it. Tommie looks like she’s froggy, but Tiarra is the one who gets gully and goes in on Tommie. Security quickly grabs these two, holding them beck from trashing another eatery in Atlanta.

Watch this mess unfold: