Toyko Vanity Joining Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 7

Toyko Vanity Joining Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 7

If you watched Jhonni Blaze video airing Stevie J storyline; – Then, you hear her reveal Toyko Vanity is on the new LHHATL7.

Blaze was a bitter Betty about Toyko Vanity joining the cast, but hey Jhonni screwed herself over because she was in her emotions too too much. Read on…

Toyko Vanity Joining Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 7 has more tea spilling on Toyko Vanity, one of the newbies of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 7.

There’s a new female on the block, who is coming from the failed Love & Hip Hop Houston series. It appears Mona Scott-Young is keeping the more interesting prospects of her Texas attempt.

There is another pink haired female rapper heading to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta franchise, and her name is Tokyo Vanity.

Who is Toyko Vanity?

You may remember Toyko is the Louisiana female rapper who filed a lawsuit against Young Thug back in 2015, claiming that they jacked the concept of her song “That’s My Best Friend.” Thug and his director BeElBe recognized this and extended an olive branch, which she rejected, according to Complex.


Since then, Vanity is a glorified Instagram star with more than 600,000 followers whose “life of the party” personality. The African and Colombian has continued to pursue her rap career. More recently, she was featured on Sage The Gemini song “Pull Up.”

She is a friend of Jhonni Blaze, hence the bitterness that she is on the show and Blaze will not be. #Bittertableofone

Do you think Toyko Vanity will be an asset to the Atlanta franchise or fall to the waist side?